Precise reports makes you better than you were yesterday

KPShopy analytical reports that keeps up to date with your businesses.

Reporting plays an important role in making or updating the strategies. Sales report, Product reports, Store reports are essential to track the productivity of your Online Store.

Effective Reporting, effective strategy

Reporting is one of the main metrics of eCommerce business. Reports gives you the insight about the orders, products. It helps you to understand the traffic on your website & what exactly they are doing on your website.

KPShopy provides you precise reporting of your business growth. It includes Sales, Order, Product, Customer, Cart, Wishlist, SKU reports.

Tracking the conversion ratio with KPShopy is the easiest way

KPShopy Analytical Reporting

Give great shopping experience to your customers

Sales Reports

Consider this a very important report, this report is a backbone for your store. This report helps you to make new marketing strategy

Google Analytic Report

Google Analytics Report gives insight about the traffic on your website like where r they coming from, which device you are using.

Quick & Easy Access

No matter if you are at store or away or travelling report are always accessible to you, which gives you details about the store performance.

Graphical reports

Graphical reports gives you an immense information of your store. You can get weekly, monthly, yearly reports. It gives you the status of your business in a go. These reports includes bar charts, pie charts, line graph and many more.

Products Report

Product reports connects your sales & inventory reports, which product is performing well will be the key factor of this report.

Coupon Code Report

This reports gives you insight about how coupons code are performing, considering this reports you can do changes in ongoing coupon or can create new for better result.

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