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The A - Z of Ecommerce Mobile Application

The use of Ecommerce mobile applications has increased at a tremendous pace in the past few years, finally resulting in almost everyone using them today. Yes, in this era of smartphones, Ecommerce mobile applications are one of the best ways to boost your company’s sales. However, in order to get maximum sales results, such mobile apps need to be perfectly designed and offer maximum functionality. And here’s everything you need to know Ecommerce mobile app development to see your brand sales increasing!

Ensure Uncluttered and Simple Interface

The screen size of mobile phones is a lot smaller than laptops or desktops. Hence, when you design the UI (user interface) of your business mobile app, keep design simple that is easy to understand easy to buy something. Create an uncluttered layout with highlights on your most popular or latest products or, if needed, opt for a professional Ecommerce app developer to create an intuitive design.

Offer Great Images of Products

Unlike texts, visual information is processed a lot faster by human minds. Images playing a significant role in your mobile ecommerce app, make sure you add high-quality great images in your ecommerce app site. A professional Ecommerce app developer includes mobile responsive yet high-quality images to prevent slow image or application load time on smartphones.

Keep The Security Level High

Ecommerce means asking for various personal and financial information of the users. Having access to such information comes with the responsibility of keeping them safe and secure. Whether its the bank details of the user or the address, or debit/credit card info, make sure there are no loopholes in the data security part during your Ecommerce mobile app development.

Have Social Media Integration

Social media integration is a must for every ecommerce app, whether you develop it by yourself or through a reliable and professional Ecommerce mobile app development company. Offering the users to skip the registration process and to use their social media accounts to access your ecommerce app will automatically ease and boost the login and signup process.

Keep Navigation Consistent

To ensure a smooth and easy mobile app navigation for the users, position your menu clearly and consistently throughout your ecommerce app. During your Ecommerce mobile app development process make sure your ecommerce app menu list contains categories or sections that are most important and are written in one word that makes it easy for the users to understand what's under them.

Ensure Easy Checkout Process

Complicated checkout process always leads to cart abandonment. When it’s about your ecommerce mobile app, make sure to keep the checkout process direct, clean and easy. Make your ecommerce app more preferable to maximum users by offering all types of transaction/payment alternatives along with an inbuilt mobile wallet system if possible.


Introducing great Ecommerce mobile applications is essential to stay ahead in the present day competition of securing maximum online sales. So, keep in mind the above-mentioned A-Z guide or simply opt for a professional Ecommerce mobile app development company to see your online business grow. 

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7 ways to grow your e-commerce business

There are various online stores as they should be considering the techniques to augment and boost their e-Commerce business in 2019 as well as tend to make an utmost moneymaking year. The online retail market is moving faster higher nowadays. With growing day by day competition, many online merchants need to persistently raise their profits by applying powerful approaches to cover their growing operating costs. Increasing the online retailing platform that needs a complete understanding of marketing strategy to move you further of the competition.

Here’s our list of proper and correct ways of marketing strategies:

Powerful relation-connection with customers: Dearth of an individual association with consumers is one of the major disadvantages of E-commerce. The latest trend fits like- people go to the site, they buy what they exactly like, the mode of payment and once you deliver the products to them, and it is all about finish everything. At present, the situation is quite reverse to it. With evolving all personal relations with consumers that assist to develop your business in these days of e-Commerce scope. It might be via call, live chat or any kind of social media marketing platform. 

Focus Niche markets: E-commerce Platform in India is ultimately about forming or creating a new site to get to people those shares all common concern. According to Indiashoppers, it is better to know your consumer desires and requirements and therefore make more appropriate products. In 2019, you should ensure that each latest product you bring is great appropriate to your consumer and also get very less attention to the number of products you convey.

Content marketing: Content marketing is the main foundation of your marketing podium. Lots of customers are evolving into digital information, that continuously scrolling through titles, just moving through pictures and videos. Content must be in a proper way that is pretty eye-seizing to your consumers. Great tips to take perfect consumer’s consideration include participating in reliable blogging. Make expedient posts for your focus people. Constant email newsletter might be once a month. Don’t just knock out the mail with a tough sell. Refer small emails to the consumer that provides them correct value.

Move with Multichannel: Build multi-channel offerings with a variety of products thus; your consumers can go through your brand dependably. Think about the channels associated with your consumer base and main product line. Ensure that the products you sell through multiple channels which are appropriately separated for rate variances.

Mobile Optimization: Eye-catching and striking web design is at this moment an indispensable requisite of an E-commerce Platform in India and your finest move in 2019 that will exceed this by optimizing the mobile experience for your consumers. Over 50% of all e-commerce traffic at present approaches via mobile. Looking through for products online through mobile devices is growing on a great scale than desktop. To continue competitive, dealers progressively have to execute user-friendly responsive online stores or mobile applications hence that more mobile audiences can be transformed into consumers. Material design by Google is the state-of-the-art version in mobile design & executing this one will lead to receiving more status.

Email Campaign: Email is now receiving many most conversion traffic in E-commerce. If you want your consumers to visit your website, you always have to visit them. You can preset emails that are referred to throughout your sales procedure and the diverse situations that activate these emails. Online sales truly obtain an increase when the emails comprise timely proposals, like an exceptional sale or discounts on a novel product, referring thanks mail for the order and more.

Sell via Internet-Only Commodities: This stratagem assists to Create Online Store with a great and special brand with e-Commerce as the basic circulation network. By offering merchandises that are not accessible in another place and selling them right to the customer online, you can uphold much larger control over your limitations like today you can find some of the store are selling customized merchandise example Chumbak, Printland, Printvenue, etc.


Thus, utilizing the correct strategy for your store will assist you to move your consumer into faithful customers with extraordinary consumer service. Every strategy points online stores to make the most of on opportunities to grasp more market share and therefore make 2019 a lucrative year.

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7 Mistakes in E commerce Business

Considering the present scenario, setting up an eCommerce website is no longer a difficult job. However, gaining the desired attention online, and selling the products successfully is the real challenge. Despite entering the eCommerce field with high hopes of growing and attracting maximum customers, often people fail to do so due to making common eCommerce website related mistakes, not choosing the right eCommerce platform in India is one of them. Let’s find out about the 7 most common mistakes in eCommerce business here.

Choosing The Wrong eCommerce Platform

Not selecting the right eCommerce platform in India not only limits the business growth but also fails to deliver the desired level of customization and control, leading to security issues, revenue loss, and traffic reduction. Choosing the best eCommerce platform in India is a must for showcasing the products in the best way, attracting the customers and successfully selling the products.

Not Understanding the Target Audience

When you create online store, understanding its target audience is necessary. Not properly defining and understanding the target customers are one of the biggest mistakes eCommerce business owners do. Connecting with the right audience who has the need for that product is the key to increase sales.

A Poor Website Design

A poor eCommerce site design makes it difficult for the customers to trust the site. Hence, make sure to choose the best eCommerce platform in India that offers modern themes with simple yet attractive site design layouts.  

Not Offering SEO Friendly Website Content

The content of an eCommerce website plays a crucial role in attracting more traffic and converting them into customers. After not opting for the right eCommerce platform in India, not offering SEO friendly content is another eCommerce business mistake.

Complex Navigation

A complex navigation process often results in most of the visitors dropping off and never coming back. The ultimate purpose of an eCommerce website is to make the visitors check out the site and turn them into paying customers. If the site uses complex and confusing terms for navigation, the customers find it hard to find the content that they are looking for and leave the site. To create online store and to make the most out of it, smooth and easy navigation is a must. A confusing and complicated check-out process results in abandoned carts and loss of potential customers. However, many eCommerce businesses commit this terrible mistake of failing to understand the importance of the checkout process in boosting conversion rates.

Poor Customer Service

Not paying enough attention to customer service and continuing with poor responses like one-word answers delayed the response, and automated replies eventually result in unhappy customers. When you create online store, proper customer service needs to be ensured as it is more likely to reduce the chances of losing a customer.


To achieve success in your eCommerce business, it’s crucial to avoid the common mistakes mentioned above. Start with selecting the best eCommerce platform in India, and be aware of the common pitfalls to witness your eCommerce business climb above the competitors. 


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Mobile Application, the Game changer in Ecommerce Industry

As per Statista, mobile apps will generate US$ 189 billion in revenues through app stores and in-app advertising. So, it’s time to grab the opportunities presented by an e-commerce app to increase your store sales. Also, maximize your user engagement via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Let’s discuss how mobile e-commerce apps have become a game changer in the e-commerce industry.

Getting closer to customers with an e-commerce app

Like every business, you put in efforts and money to push online sales through websites. Then, you invest in advertising and marketing. But more and more online users are switching to mobile devices for interacting with brands on the move. You may say that you have a mobile website. But is that enough?

Improve your sales from better engagement through e-commerce apps. Some of the key benefits of building an e-commerce application are:

·         Push Notifications

Communicate with your customers through your e-commerce app’s push notifications. These notifications pop up on a user’s device to engage them with the brand through offers, updates or other messages. Also, customers can reply to your messages through in-app messaging.

·         Deep Linking

Deep linking improves user engagement by sending your mobile user to the relevant content section in your e-commerce app when they click on a link sent to them through SMS, social media, notifications, etc.

Through mobile deep linking, you can allow a mobile user to directly visit a relevant section in the mobile app instead of the home screen. A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) links pages within your e-commerce app.


·         Native Payments

An e-commerce app offering payment modes linked with popular mobile wallets such as Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc. can be valuable for your business. Users can choose their preferred mobile wallets to quickly make payments instead of entering details every time for using other payment modes.


·         Device Features

Another key benefit of e-commerce applications is the ability to use the capabilities of the mobile device. Use GPS to offer location-based services. Gather information about app interactions at a specific location to improve your marketing campaigns.

The camera on a mobile device can be used for QR code scanning to avail offers. Additionally, you can even offer thrilling brand experiences to your app users through technological breakthroughs such as augmented reality or virtual reality.

Mobile e-commerce apps are transforming e-commerce businesses with features that lead to a better ROI. If you want to move ahead with the times, you should think about building an app with dynamic catalogs, push notifications and other capabilities.

Build an intuitive e-commerce app to attract, engage and retain your target audience, visit

 Need an e-commerce app builder or expert support team to build an app?


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How to start an Online bakery Business

Online Bakery Store


Online Business is booming nowadays, many businesses are doing well with increased revenue. Like other business bakery business also has the potential to grow because of the Online Store.

Here are some points to follow to grow Online Bakery Business


Create Online Bakery Website


The very the first step is to create a website where people will come to know who you are. & what are you doing?

KPShopy helps you to create a stunning website for your bakery business, we are the best eCommerce platform in India, your business will grow once you create the website, you can easily reach to the new customers & sell globally.

Mobile Application

Creating a Mobile App for your business is bliss as many people love to shop on mobile, mobile is the best way to get close you the customers. 


SEO is important


SEO always plays an important role in online business, SEO helps the website to get close to your customer. Keywords are important as this makes you available for search engines.




Blogs are the best way to connect to your audience, in every blog you don’t have to mention about the products but you can explain the benefits of the product. Informative blogs keep the audience interested in the content & customers feels the connection with the online business.


Power of Social Media


Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, many others can be your powerful tools to promote your bakery business.


Following these important things will scale your online bakery business. Most of the businesses are going online & your customers are shopping online than why not take your bakery business online & grow rapidly.

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Importance of Online Business

 In today's world, everyone wants to grow their business. When it comes to the success of your business, online business plays a key role. When you market your business and promote your products & services, online business is the best option.


If you are planning to start a retail or wholesale business or want to improve the market for an existing product, creating an online store will be more beneficial as compared to the traditional way of doing business. Online business will help you in improving your business brand visibility, traffic, and sales.


KPSHOPY is the best e-commerce platform solution in India. Which provides e-commerce website or e-commerce mobile application? We take cares off all activates related to the designing of the website, mobile application or marketing techniques. KPSHOPY helps you to create your own online store where you can promote your product or services with your terms and conditions. KPSHOPY'S have multiple or secure payments options.


Importance of Online Business


 The Money


Behind successful business there are many reasons, money is one of them. Applying new trends in the business attract more money & customers always look something new in the market, applying new things will attract more customers & money.  


Your Customer


More and More people are moving online for shopping, if your customers are going online than why not your business. Online business helps you not to get connected well to the existing customers will add more new customers in your kitty.



 Limitless freedom


Many businesses are moving traditional to an online system, because of limitless opportunity in online business. Technology devices are helping the business to grow more in terms of market, customers & revenue. Online business helps you to make your business from anywhere in the world.


Worldwide Market


 The online business makes the world a market next to you. Online business is helping many businesses to break geographic barriers. Sitting at one place you can business in many other countries that is the best aspect of online business, there is no time limit online business is open for 24/7 & 365 days. 

Online business is nothing but a boon for your business. 


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