Kpshopy provides stunning ecommerce applications.

Best Online Store Platform

We help you to easily manage your stores.

E-commerce websites success not only depend on the products quality, but also there are other factors also plays a major role. The most important thing is how the site is designed and certain features such as services that make e-commerce applications user-friendly. Kpshopy has attractive UI Which help to attract your audience and engaged them.

Kpshopy Features

Features that helps to grow your online business.

User Interface

We provide Interactive & energetic UI to our client, which helps you to engage your customer for a long time.


Kpshopy provides following products to our client Product variants, Multiple images per product, Rating & Reviews, Inventory, Product Active/Inactive, Product View, Manage Categories.


you check all features related to orde like Delivery Address, Order Payment, Status for Order, Invoice.


There are many services which Kpshopy provide:- Wishlist, Cart, Email, Real Time Messaging, Support System, RTL Support.

Customer Supports

We give support functionality through which you can manage your customer queries.

Manage Locations

We give manage locations facility so that you can manage the location for your Kpshopy store.

User Management

You can manage your sellers, sub admin, sub-seller, etc through kpshopy user management.


Kpshopy facilitates to activate/inactivate your customers, see customer details and manage information of customers, add your customers.

Payment Gateway

We give the facility to manage cash on delivery & online payment modes.

Reports & Dashboards

Kpshopy give Reports and dashboard facility. So that you can analysis your website or View analytics and reports help to improve your businesses.


Kpshopy's client can Manage inventory for different products.