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KPSHOPY Overview

Kpshopy is the e-commerce platform made for you that does a great job of making your business more online and digitalized. It is the perfect solution for the e-commerce enterprise. It is a platform for both B2B and B2C corporations.

One of the most exciting features of Kpshopy is, it provides both e-commerce website and Android features applicationunder the single roof. No need to manage store differently for website and app. It manages it at one instance only. Kpshopy helps you save time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Our Vision

Digitalization of Businesses. Our aim is to provide all in one solution to businesses. Like online shopping, centralized store, POS, delivery management, Inventory.

Our Mission

To Make Global and Standard System. Our goal is to ensure success & to deliver the product which will improve the business growth & exposure of businesses worldwide.

Our Online Store Features

Kpshopy features that secures your store.

Security Features

E-commerce websites have always been a target by cybercriminals, who can steal your information and customers. We offer to start with a secure e-commerce platform that supports HTTPS and SSL which secures the payment and checkout process. Security nowadays becomes an important feature since Google chrome requires HTTPS that collects sensitive information.

  • Https (SSL): HTTPS that secure sensitive information
  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • Email Marketing audit: Create a current baseline for Email Marketing.
  • Competitive analysis: Define Email Marketing competitors.
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Manage Customers

As Soon as customer registers with their account, Kpshopy maintains all your own customer profile and their order history that any business can find their customer's information and order details easily.

With the help of Kpshopy, you can easily track your customers order history and manage them.

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Payment Advanced Option

Kpshopy offers you just to associate with ease of few click payment options. Customers and shoppers who have registered accounts can literally buy products with few clicks.

Kpshopy Provides PayPal as an advanced payment option as under this there are multiple convenient secure options provided for shoppers and customers.

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Site Speed

A site of speed plays a vital role in online shopping store. Kpshopy gives your visitors an experience of fast transactions and to make sure that all steps of product and making payments goes smoothly for visitors.

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Analysis And Reporting

Analysis and Reporting help to make better decisions for your actionable data. In actionable data, we help you to provide easy information about cart products, orders in multiple bar graph, charts in effective ways.

Dashboard and reports include financial, marketing, sales, and data integrity information.

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Kpshopy Blog

Blogs that helps to boost your business and knowledge that inspires you.

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