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Frequently Asked Questions

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eCommerce Website

KPShopy is a eCommerce platform which allows entrepreneurs to making their business grow and more online and digitalized.

No, we designed user friendly and user interface panels that is very easy-to-use and understandable.

Yes, your data is secured, as respective encryption technique has been used. And there is many payment gateway options.

Yes there is multiple payments options, cash on delivery or online payment options.

KPShopy give you a both view list view and grid view.

eCommerce Application & Website

Yes, to access your application, you must have Internet access and use a smart phone which have JavaScript enabled browser.

Yes, KPShopy gives you this additional functionality which you can share your app socially like Facebook, Google+, YouTube.

No, not at all. KPShopy admin panel is so simple. One who has basic knowledge of computer and smart phone, they can simply handle the KPShopy admin panel.

We have several pricing plans for you. Choose the best plan as per the size and nature of your business which can help to grow your business.

Yes, you can analysis and track you website and you also can track what kind of users are come to your website.