POS software, backbone of your business.

Easy management of Inventory & Billing

POS is one of the main pillar of your eCommerce business. It manages your enitre business workflow easily. It handles the Inventory and Billing part.

Smooth billing system

KPShopy POS takes care of monetary part of your store. It handles vendor management, products purchasing entries, manage the warehouse, sell products at storefront or online through website and app . You can count on KPShopys POS system.

POS lets you analysize the sales in different ways like item sold, promotions & even by store if u have multiple online stores.

Pos helps you to manage the inventory from storage to store & further.

KPShopy point of sale

Give great shopping experience to your customers

Vendor Management

POS make vendor management very easy & flexible. POS allows you to track cost, minimum order quantity & purchasing order from a particular vendors.

Inward Purchase orders

POS makes easy to manage Inwards Purchase Order. Tracking Inward Purchase as per products, city & vendor will be on the back of your hand.

Mutlistore Management

POS allows you to add different products, prices & quantity for multi stores. It helps you to manage customer data & reports across the stores.

Inventory Management

POS made inventory management a hassle-free work. All time consuming task like Inventory count & stock transfer are now very easy.

Synchronized with Online Shop

Shared Data

POS can be linked to another department like marketing & customer services, data sharing helps each department to work efficiently.

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