Manage Online Store

KPShopy offers an easy way to handle online store.

Single point to manage Websites, App, Products, Inventory, Orders and payments from anywhere in the world.

Manage store Effectively

Creating an online store is the best thing you can do with your business. Online store is very easy to manage, you can manage it from remote location & manage it on Mobile as well. Online store saves a lot of your hard earn money as you don’t gave to invest on physical store. If your customers are shopping online than why don’t you take your brand online & create an online store.

Create online store & make your own Brand.

Manage Online Store

Give great shopping experience to your customers

Store Dashboard

Dashboard contains all kind of important metrics which helps you to track the performance of your store. Combination of numbers & graphs make east to understand Dashboard.

Store Billing

Take orders from anywhere, from your eCommerce website, application or from your storefront. KPShopy covers you. You can create and maintain your store billing with KPShopy.

Store on mobile

Mobile will connect you to your store very quickly, all details of your store you can see on the mobile itself from sales to inventory. Store on Mobile is nothing but a boon.

Helping features

Advertisement banners, notifications, easy inventory, brands, product categorization, catchy themes, invoices, sales graph, reporting

Manage store from anywhere

No matter if you are in the store or away from the store, still you can keep an eye & manage it efficiently.

Customer Management

You can see all details of customer like view all registered customers, can add new customer in system, can view their order history, total profit from customer.

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