Mobile Application

Our powerful Mobile Application helps multiply reach of your store.

Kpshopy for Mobile Application

Excellent mobile application for intelligent businesses.

Nowadays generation has led to the creation of a mobile app for the e-commerce platform. Kpshopy provides advanced mobile applications which involve the latest technology. With effective strategies, we provide a solid mobile application.

Features of Mobile Application

Kpshopy provides trustworthy solutions for your business needs.

Background colour:

We are giving you to design your mobile application as you want.


We give support to your mobile application.

No need for your Code:

On our Kpshopy platform, you don't need to write code for your application.

Manage Locations:

We give facility so that you can manage the location for your Kpshopy store.

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Social media:

Kpshopy allows you to connect with your community via social media. One can share the product with their ones.


Kpshopy gives push notifications for your mobile application.


Kpshopy provides a facility of discount providing to your application.

Customer Support

We give support functionality through which you can manage your customer queries.

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About Us:

Kpshopy gives authority to create your own privacy policy, return policy for your application.

Terms and Conditions:

Kpshopy provides you facility of setting your own terms and conditions to set your business for your applications.

Update user information:

We give the facility to update information.

Return Policy:

Kpshopy gives facility to manage your return policy.

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We provide the facility of managing collections for product wise.


We offer featured brands for products to highlight the product.

Slider and Banner:

Kpshopy offers the facility of effective promo block and offers block.

Offer Block:

Kpshopy provides the facility of adding effective offer block.

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Payment integration:

Kpshopy gives PayUmoney, PayPal, etc payment method integration.

Multiple Address:

We provide to choose your authority to select multiple addresses.

Payment Option:

We provide payment option of online payment and cash on delivery of your own choice.

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Code Optimization:

For the smooth performance of your websites
we optimize the code for your websites.

Image Optimization:

We do image optimization for fast loading of the page.

Keyword Optimization:

We optimize keywords for SEO to increase your search visibilities.

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Recent view:

After visiting a mobile app slashes recent views product on the home page.

Max View:

We sort max view product according to the count of a user on the home page.

New Arrival:

The product which is newly added is flashing in new arrivals.


Kpshopy offers you to get a count of total products,
all customers, total order count which helps to analyze your business.

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