What is Video Marketing

July 1, 2020  



What is Video Marketing

Internet changes many things such as shopping, education, entertainment and many other things as well. In the same way internet change the marketing as well and due to internet we got the new concept in the marketing is Video Marketing.

Accept it or not internet is turning out to be a boon for humanity and for the business world as well and making things easy for both humanity and the business world. New concepts which came into picture due to internet are beneficial and internet still changing many things around us and most of them are positive and few of them are negative.

No one thing before that something like video marketing will come into existence and making things very interesting for the customers and for the companies as well. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of video marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

When company use the video to market their products and services is known as video marketing. In a very simple term when we use video to market our products and services and make people aware about our services and use the video to interact and engage with the customers is a video marketing.

As per the surveys 87% companies using the video marketing and most of the companies are getting the revenue beyond their expectations. Video marketing helps in understanding the products and services in a better way and companies also able to explain things in a easiest way possible. It’s not just companies who want to opt for video marketing however the customers are also expecting the marketing content in the form of video so that they can understand the products and services in an effective way.

Video marketing is changing the way customer use to shop and companies use to marketing their services.  Earlier video marketing was not included however since 2018 companies started taking video marketing very seriously and started preparing the video marketing strategy as well and in that way video marketing came in the main stream of marketing.

Video marketing is not only for entertainment it is beyond that, it helps in understanding the customer buying patterns and also helps salesperson in completing t he sales cycle.

It is east to say video marketing is very popular and creating video is the best way to interact with the customers however one question comes in mind, how to do video marketing?

How to Do Video Marketing

Before you start the video marketing  you have to answer few very  important questions such as for whom you have to make the video, how you will make the video, how you will reach to the audience, answering these question will be the pillars for your video marketing strategy and make  you video marketing journey more easy.

  • ·         Identify your Goals

Identifying the goals will help you to achieve your desired results through video marketing. Your goal might be for more sales and more followers on various social media. For various goals you need to have different kind of videos for sales you need a video which explain all the benefits and features of your products and for social media followers you might have to create a video which is more innovative and more catch.

  • ·         Plan your Video

One you identify the goals and it tie to plan the videos according to the specific goals and while planning the video few things we have to take care like in video whom are you going to target means who will be y our targeted audience . Deciding on what kind of message you want to convey so that you can get the benefit from the video marketing and what kind of platform are you going to use for the video marketing like youtube, vemo as these two are most famous platforms for video marketing. Budgeting plays an important role as we have to take care of the budget and ROI as well. While planning the video all such plays an important role.

  • ·         Develop Video

Developing  the video in not only important but developing the catch video is important and must add the best score and voice over in the video is very important. While making the video might or might not need the help of t he third party as editing and developing t he animation may be little tricky. If you think that you can make the better video for yourself then there are many applications and websites are there which will help you to develop the effective videos.

  • ·         Market your Video

After all the efforts you did in creating videos now it time to show what you have and what you can do means it tie to market the video such as posting on social media, publish on  your website and make it sure that video will have the maximum reach to get the desired results.

Types of Marketing Video

There are various types of videos used for various marketing goals. Let’s take a look what are the various type of video are there for marketing.

  • ·         Brand Videos

In brand videos companies introduce their products and service to the audience and tell how their brand comes into existence and the purpose of the brand.

The best way to promote the brands in the videos is animation and animation is the best innovative way and people also take interest in the animation videos.

  • ·         Explainer Videos

In this videos the companies will explain more details about their products and services and it is more about the feature and how the products and services will help you in long term all such things will be in the video moreover the company informs the audience how the products is going to help in longer run and how it is going to solve the problems audience are facing. The explainer videos are the best for the services companies. The best part of the explainer video is there is no direct promotion of the products however it gives the more information about how product is going to important for the audience.

  • ·         Expert Videos

Taking the interview of the any one the expert from the industry from the same sector is going to help in a very positive way and expert interview will help you to build the trust between the company and then audiences and if the experts gives an insight what problems customers are facing and in what way your products is going to help in solving the problem customers are facing is the best thing that video marketing can deliver you.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Advantages of video marketing can’t be ignored as it is helping the companies in any ways and helping the customers as well. So let’s look at some advantages of video marketing

  • ·         Video Explains Better

If you are launching the new products and want to circulate the customer’s review of the products then the video is the best option as it explains the products and its benefit in a very effective way and customer can tell their experience in their own words. In a recent survey 98% user said that video helps them in understand the products in an effective way.

  • ·         Video Built Trust

If there is a new product in the market and customers will start buying the products when they have enough trust on the product and on the company. Video marketing helps the customer in understanding the benefits of the products and how products are going to solve their problems, in such way you can build the trust among the customers.

  • ·         Create Brand Value

If you are making the video which is giving the insight about who are you, what are you doing and what is your vision and mission and publish this video then it will help you to build the brand and in the video it is necessary to inform what your products is all about and rest is assured. This will surely help you in building the brand.

  • ·         Best for Social Media

Video marketing is the best for social media, while doing social media marketing if you add video marketing in that it can be very deadly combination and you will get the edge from  your competitors. Video gets more engagement in various social media platform and if your video is under 60 seconds then its best and will get more engagement in the video.


Video marketing plays an important role in your marketing strategy and companies must have video marketing strategy. Earlier in marketing video was not very popular however now video marketing is getting popular day by day and soon video marketing is going to dominate the marketing.

The best part of video marketing is, it helps in explain your products in an effective way and you can explain in better way that how the products and services are going to help you in longer run. Video has to be very catchy and witty which will attract the more audience and this will helps in improving the customer engagement and also helps in improving your social media presence.

Make the catchy video and enjoy the dominance.

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