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April 21, 2020  



Facebook Login

Since the inception of the internet many new terms and opportunities were coined and those terms and opportunities are enormous or countless.

One such term came in the picture is Social Media, where people get connected thorough the platform and they can share memories, photos, information and so on.

With the rise of internet and social media many new platform came in the picture. There are many social media platform which help to connect with friends, family and many platforms helps us in marketing and so on.

There si one platform which we can say one stop shop as we can get connected with old friend, can get connected with family and relatives and e can run  the business activity as well and moreover we can start exchanging the information as well and the social media platform through which we can ears, that platform in FACEBOOK.

Facebook is one the main pillar of social media and the most as well. Let’s understand what facebook is all about and how we are getting benefit out of it.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is world’s most famous social media platform which helps you I many ways

  • ·         Get connected with your loved one
  • ·         Run the business activity
  • ·         Share the information to the masses

Such benefits you are getting from which we will elaborate in the later part.

Facebook was launched by Harvard student Mark Zukerberg, he launched initially for the college students only to get connected and to share the experience, he launched the facebook in 2004, rest all is a history. This is a very brief journey of facebook.

Started from just a platform to connect people facebook is now the whole world itself.  Facebook growth from then as always is appreciable.

Facebook Login

Facebook login or creating the facebook id is very easy and simple; let’s see the steps involved in it. Let’s see the step by step process of facebook login

  • ·         Enter your first name and last name
  • ·         Enter mobile number or email id
  • ·         Set a password
  • ·         Fill the date of birth (only 18+ age is allowed)
  • ·         Fill in you gender
  • ·         Click on signup
  • ·         Add the profile details and add the photo

These are the easy and simple steps to create the facebook login; once you create the id you can add the details in your profile to looks attractive and add the photo which is always recommended.

Advantages of Facebook Login (individual)

As an individual facebook has many advantages, let’s take a deep dive into it

  • ·         Find Lost Friends

Facebbok is the best way to get connected with friends, who we were not able to get in touch after the school and colleges as sometime friends who left the job as well. Search them by their name and you will find them send them the friend request and you get connected.

  • ·         Share your Thoughts

IF you feel like you want to say something related to any social or any issue which is impacting any sector then facebook is the best platform to share that. Many people will read and respond to it as per their choice.

  • ·         Join Various Groups

You can join various groups which were created by various users on the facebook, such groups are related to various fields such as education, entertainment and various others. Join that group and add value in your knowledge and share what you know to rest of the group members.

  • ·         Facebook Messenger

Facebook has chat option as well, which is known as messenger. We can chat with our connection and we can create the group of friends if all friends want to have chat together.

  • ·         Added Advantages

Facebbok is giving you many added advantages as well such as if you are going for a vacation then  you can inform using location service, you add gif and you can tag people on the facebook.

  • ·         Feedback and Reviews

There are many business pages on facebook and such are always look for reviews and feedback. If you use any service such as hotels, restaurants, pubs and any other things. You can add reviews and feedback as per your experience.

  • ·         Login Anywhere

There are many informative apps and website are there which will use facebook id as your login id for that particular platform, it means facebook id will help you to login in many other portals because when you use facebook id it is considered that you have a valid account on any social media. Many apps also ask for your facebook id for the login to their apps.

Advantages of Facebook (business point of view)

Business always looks for such a platform which will help them to scale the business and where they can update about their company to the masses and who is better than facebook in such parameters.

  • ·         Reach More

Once any company create the facebook business page using facebook login then they can easily get connected to the masses and get the new business as well.

  • ·         Runs ads for Various Reason

Facebbok Ads are one of the best way to attract people towards your business, you can run t he ads for various reason such as like, engagement, leads and so on and on the larger scale facebook is serving any businesses in an effective way.

  • ·         Display Offers and Updates

Almost everyone is on facebook and if you are on such a group where the group’s members are more then you can post the offers which you are giving and if there is an update you can post there as well, by using this technique you can attract many people towards your business and they may become the permanent customers.

  • ·         Competitive Analysis

If you are into fashion business then you can check what your competition is doing on facebook and what kind of stuff they are posting on facebook. By just doing competitive analysis you can prepare the best strategy for your business.

  • ·         Create Audience Group

If you have 2-3 kind of products then might be possibility that all your audience will not be interested in all the products, so what audience who likes the specific products, updates related to that products goes to the specific audience.

Disadvantages of Facebbok

Whatever comes in this world has advantages and disadvantages as well and knowing both is always good so that you know what to do and what to avoid. Lets take some disadvantages of facebook

  • ·         Addiction

There are many people who are addicted to facebbok and their addiction is such a way that they are living in the virtual world and get disconnected to the real world. This is considered the new kind of disorder that you live in a virtual world and whatever is happening around you will consider as a virtual happening. Due to this addiction you get disconnected you your family, friends, school, studies, hobby and physical activity.

  • ·         Fake Profile

Many people create many fake profile and post any accepted things which will hurt society overall, by using fake profile people harass and abuse others and keep doing the same. Any case was informed where in people using fake profile and stalking and blackmailing others.

  • ·         Scams

Using the fake profile people are involved in many scams which is related to finance and hacking to others account. Many facebook users get t he message that login to this site using facebook login and you will win the price by just entering the bank details, such scams are reported many times to the authority.

  • ·         Hate Speech

There are many people and groups are there which create the pages and groups just to spread the hate in  the society and speared fake information related to specific groups and race and religions. This kind of activity attracts many others who are solely interested in spreading hates.

  • ·         Data Privacy Issue

Facebbok is trying hard to keep your data safe and secure but when people create facebook login they ignore the data privacy setting and start using the facebbok, which leads to breach of data and that data can be used for many activities which will hamper your social or professional life.

  • ·         No Personal Space

Once you share anything on facebook like your thoughts and photo those will not be personal any more, that can be seen or downloaded by many others and sometime they will share the personal stuff to any others.

Takeover by Facebook

Facebook is a very popular platform in the world of social media, when any company grows in one field they want to kill the completion and they start taking over the smaller r companies which has immense potential of growth. Instagram and Whatsapp two very popular platform where acquired by facebook.


Starting something and scaling that business is two different things. Facebbok started for students and now its complete d turned into a money making machine. Facebook comes with advantages and disadvantages as well but still a very popular social media.

If we say almost half of the worlds population is on face book that this right be very correct statement. Not only individuals but business is also getting benefits out of it. Facebook is boon for many people who are doing well due to facebook but at the same tie facebook is a night mare who suffered due to it.  

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