Instagram Hashtags for Likes

April 15, 2020  



Instagram Hashtags for Likes

Social Media has given immense opportunity to the brands to do the marketing and promotion as per their need. Social Media is the one the biggest platform for the promotion and sales.

There is one social media platform is Instagram, which  is very popular among the companies and you get a well and rapidly growing as a very good platform for marketing and promotions. Instagram is a best tool for new business and for established business as both can’t ignore the Instagram.

Business can use Instagram in various ways such as promote the products, tapping new customers and updating the existing customers regarding the products and the promotion.

The best part of Instagram is Hash Tags(#), many know how to hashtags and many don’t know. Handing the hashtags are little critical as we might don’t know which hash tag is good for y business and how to use it effectively.

No matter how deep you know the Instagram still hash tags is a little complicated things, in this article we will help you to know

·         What is Hash Tags

·         Why to Use Hash Tags

·         How to Find Hash Tags

Instagram Hashtags for likes is the major use of hash tags. Lets takes a deep dive into the world of hash tags

What is Hash Tags?

In Instagram hash tag is a single word or the combination of many words marked with # and is used at many places such as when you give the description and while commenting on any post.

The sole purpose of hash tags is to help Instagram in categorize the content so that the right content goes to the right user, means hash tags help the Instagram algorithm to understand the content and helps in organizing the same.

People who are regularly use the social media might have came across the hash tags any a times.

Why to Use Hash Tags?

Every hash tags have there for specific purpose, lets take what is for what

  • ·         Instagram Hashtags for Like

Users on Instagram always search for the specific content which is related to their field. If you put hash tags on your content than chances are higher chances that your content will get the specific used and Instagram itself will distribute your content to the specific user. Once your content goes to the specific user chances are higher that you get the like for your post or like on your business page.

  • ·         Instagram Hashtags for Followers

User always search for the content in which they are interested in, if you put the right hash tag on your content you will get the higher number of followers. Hash Tags helps the content to reach the user and with the help of hash tags your content will be search by many others which will leads them to like your page. Hash tags helps your content to improve the visibility on the Instagram

  • ·         Instagram Hashtags for Stories

You can hashtags on your Instagram stories which helps your stories to get distributed and getting search in an effective way. People will be able to find you or your business pages through stories as well, using popular hash tags in your stories will create the magic for your business.

  • ·         Instagram Hashtags for Sales

Instagram hash tags are not only for likes and followers, using the popular hash tags in your post you will be able to make sales. If you use the popular hash tags while promoting the products user will get attracted towards your content and likely to buy the product they are looking for. In a nutshell if you use popular hash tags with the combination with the content than you can see the upwards graph in your sales.

  • ·         Instagram Hash Tags for Bio

You can use hash tags in your bio as well, this feature was introduced by Instagram 2 years back and this is a huge success. It enables your profile your profile to get visible on one of the most popular marketing platform.

How to Find the Best Hash Tags

In the above sections we have seen what is hashtags and what are their uses, now we will see how to find the best hash tags which is good for your business and which help you to shine.

It’s not important to always find the popular hash tags you can use the less popular hash tags which is more relevant to your followers and which will help you to get more business.

  • ·         Research Influencers

Influencers on Instagram have large numbers of followers and they create post or message to connect with the audience with the help of hash tags, if you do proper research on the influencers on Instagram than there are higher chances that you will get the popular hash tags which is more relevant for your business.

  • ·         Tools

Tools will help your to find the hash tags which is the most relevant for your brand. Such tools give your overall information about the tools your are looking for and then you can make the effective strategy to grow with the hash tags.

  • ·         Competitors Analysis

Just by doing competitors analysis you will be able to find the hash tags which is more relevant for you business. Competitors’ analysis is always good as it gives you what is the latest trend is going on with their hash tags. With the help of competitors’ hashtags you will be able to think of your own hash tags which are more relevancy to your business and audiences.

  • ·         Research Audience

If you know what your audience is searching for is the best thing for you business, adding any hashtags at the end og the content may not help for the long run, if you add hash tags which has the keywords your audience is searching for, it will raise your chances of success on Instagram.

Hashtags Limits

Hashtags on the Instagram has certain limits; this platform won’t allow you to use more than 30 hashtags in one post. This limit is very important, if there is no limit business will as much as hashtags they can and then the content won’t reach to the specific users.


Instagram is a very popular platform if you want like, followers and sales for your brand. Id the hash tags were used properly than everything is possible on the Instagram.

Business is using hash tags very effectively to grow rapidly and they are getting success only because they are using the hash tags which are relevant for their business and relevant for their audiences.

SO search for a relevant hashtags for your business and see the magic.

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