Marketing During Covid-19

May 16, 2020  



Marketing During Covid-19

Marketing teams plays an important role in the growth of the company and their activity plays is very important for the presence of the company, during any kind of crisis marketing team may have to work hard or may be no work at all.

If marketing are working during the pandemic they have to be very creative and little aggressive in terms of marketing activity. Marketing activity during the Covid-19 is slow for some sectors and fast for few sectors. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing trends and practice during the pandemic which will help in getting the more business as business is low during this time but not dead.

Marketing Activity during Covid-19

Marketing during the crisis is very important, lets take a look into few marketing tips during the pandemic.

  • ·         Don’t Panic

This is a very first step you have take during this tough tie as this tie your customers life is at risk and you life as well and if the customers are at risk your business as well, think that what is going to work and what is not going to work during this time as your marketing activity is not harmful for the customers.

You have to cut down the marketing budget and find the best and low cost marketing tactics which leads to ore business and at the same time save the money during the covid-19. Plan in such a way that you can reach to the messes.

  • ·         Evaluate the Contents

During the crisis the very important part of the marketing is eye catching and unique contents like images, blogs, videos and PPT’s. The message from that content has to be so creative that the audience must get attracted towards the content and get engaged with your business and convert into the customer.

Your content has to be emphatic and let the customer know that you are always with them and still ready to serve with their products and services.

  • ·         Adjust the Marketing Campaigns

When the tie is good for the business and customers we have different kind of marketing campaigns to get more customers and get the attention during this crisis, this time is to change the campaign messages and we have to take care of the situation while preparing the marketing campaigns.

While preparing the content we have to take care the current situation of the customers and condition of your business as well, be more sensitive, honest and more transparent and only make such promises which you can deliver.

  • ·         Content Distribution

We always do content distribution no matter if the time for business is good or bad, content distribution plays an important role in the marketing activity. We have to find the creative and unique ways to distribute the content to the customers and potential customers.

During the crisis time distributing the content is much easier as most of the people are at home and they are glue to the social media and almost they are surfing the internet, social media will be the best medium to distribute the content and if you are running the campaigns there are chances that more people will look for your message and get engaged.

  • ·         Be Transparent

Everyone love to do business when they are transparent and honest in whatever message they are giving, we must not pass the information which is not valid and which is not relevant to our business. This time people are buying the essential products and expect the home delivery.

Due to less workforce you might not able to deliver before on time if that is the case inform the customer in advance so that  they know that delay may happen and they will get the product but little late, such kind of transparency will build the trust for your business.

  • ·         Aggressive Email Marketing

Email Marketing is always considered the best friend of the marketing team and gives the expected results irrespective of the good or bad time; this is best way to communicate with the customer so that you can retain the customers.

At this time most of the people are at home and there are chances that people will read the emails and get engaged to the message on that email. Email Marketing is still the best way to communicate with the customers and more than 60% people think that email marketing helps them in making the shopping decision, what is helping people in making the shopping decision is enough to understand the importance of the email marketing.

  • ·         Social Media Marketing

People are working from home due to pandemic and they are very much active on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and linkedin and always in search of something trending and new to buy or to read, take the opportunity of this time and be little more social.

We have already updated the content which we are sharing on social media, social media will help the business to convey the message to the masses and there are high chances that you can add them in your customers list and make more sales and generate more revenue.

  • ·         Offers and Discounts

Offers and discounts are always plays an important role in generating new business and more revenue. Customers always look for such a deal where in they love to buy products with has offers and discounts attached to it. Discounts and offers are always helpful in retaining the customers and acquiring the new customers.

As we said offers and discounts helps in retaining the customers and acquiring the new customers however offers and discounts helps in building the loyalty in the existing customers and drive the traffic to the website which leads to more sale and more revenue.

  • ·         Optimize your Online Store

Every business needs an optimization so your online store as well, you need to work on the keyword which you think that will work in your favor and will drive more traffic towards your online store. SEO will be the best option for the optimization and SEO will deliver the best possible result if implemented in an effective way.


Companies always have to change the marketing strategy tie to time and always have to honest and transparent with the customers, this for sure help in building the trust and positive feedback in your customers.

Prepare the best marketing strategy and implement that in an effective way and generate as much as business you can and acquire the new customers and become the brand during this pandemic. 

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