Selling on Amazon and Flipkart

April 25, 2020  



Selling on Amazon and Flipkart

When you think of selling the products and services online than you might think what will be the best option for you, your own ecommerce website or ecommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart both are marketplace.

Both the option the marketplace or own website has its own advantages or disadvantages of it own. The way we are accepting the advantages of the marketplace in the same manner we need to take care of the disadvantages as well.

These marketplaces are so famous that if someone wants to buy something online than customers will look for the product on Amazon and Flipkart only. Statistics shows that Amazon and Flipkart are becoming famous day by day and you can get almost everything on these 2 marketplaces.

Being so famous within the customers for buying, Amazon and Flipkart are famous among the retailers as well. Still Amazon and Flipkart have pros and cons.

Let’s take a looks at some advantages and disadvantages of the two very famous marketplaces.

Advantages of Amazon and Flipkart 

Let’s see what are advantages of Amazon and Flipkart when you start selling products and services with them.

  • ·         Huge Customer Base

There are millions and millions of people are buying products and services from these two marketplaces, reaching such a big customer base is not possible for a small retailer and the new business however you can get access to the huge customer base if you start selling you products and services with Amazon and Flipkart. No matter you is small business or new business you can get the access the world with these two very popular marketplaces. Marketplaces are the best way to start and building the online sales business.

  • ·         Very Rare Technical Issues

These big marketplaces very are or almost never face any technical issue or downtime, no matter how many customers are coming to these websites they are well equipped to handle the high traffic. When you sell online downtime is the biggest issue however when  you are associated with Amazon and Flipkart you won’t face downtime and you won’t lose the money due to any technical issues and you don’t have to pay extra to keep the website up and fine and you can save a lot.

  • ·         Instant Credibility

If you are small business and a startup and you have you own ecommerce website than customers may not buy your products and services due to no credibility and you are new in the market. If you are connected to the marketplaces then you get the instant credibility and customers love to buy products and services from you as well and they won’t hesitate to pay online as well for your products.

The kind of credibility you get after associated with these two you won’t get on your own, so it’s a best idea to get associated with Amazon and Flipkart for increased credibility.

  • ·         24/7 Customer Service

In online business only selling is not important but after sales service is also very important and plays an very important role in scaling the business. If you are associated with Amazon and Flipkart you don’t personally have to worry about the customer service as these two marketplaces provide all kind of excellent customer services. Amazon and Flipkart will handle all the queries of the customers related to your product from delivery, return of the products and other fulfillment.

  • ·         Excellent Referral System

Amazon and Flipkart have huge data base of the customers based on their views, searches and wish to products. If customer is interested in the kind of products you have then it will be displayed to the customer’s homepage and your products will be referred to the customers by the big giants. This referrals system is always a boon for the new business and if you have any unique product then referral system will help you.

  • ·         Delivery and Shipping Management

Amazon and Flipkart will take care of the delivery and shipping system if you get an order of your products and services. Delivery system is a very complicated and delivering the products is a complex process, but you don’t h have to worry as this will be managed by Amazon and Flipkart.

Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon and Flipkart

  • ·         No Control on Vendors Act

In online marketplace you can’t control the prices of the other vendors, they cut down the price as low as they can and they take low percentages just to get the higher sales. Such strategy will leads to price cuts by many other vendors and at the last no one will make the desired money.

  • ·         Cant Capture Customer Information

As you won’t get the direct access to the customers information in that case it id not possible to conduct ant direct marketing activity to them. You can get only the ailing address of the customers and doing any marketing activity in that scenario is little difficult or impossible. So no chance to get the direct sale from t he existing customers.

  • ·         No Immediate Money

When you do business offline and you make a sales then you get the instant money however in online marketplace if you get the order for you products and services and sales was done but you won’t get the money immediately, first that money will go the big marketplace and after deduction you will get the money after few days.  

  • ·         High Competition

Everyone wants to sell more and wants the increased revenue, which makes the big marketplace more competitive. If you are selling shoes there will other retailers who are selling the same brand and same quality with any other features such as any free gift and low price and many other benefits to the customers, such offers are not possible for every retailers.

  • ·         Marketplaces are Costly

No matter you are associated with Amazon or Flipkart you will earn more and will get the more sales however that comes costly. Their commission is very high and retailers always get money from the deduction of the fess which is very high from the big marketplaces.


Selling your products on Amazon and Flipkart will have advantages and disadvantages as well, but this happens every where pros and cons are always be there. Just look for the advantages and just take care of the disadvantages effectively.

More sales and more revenue will come to you but they come with any other deductions as well and any other factors are their which will make you business with high prices.

IF you are selling products or services online and plan tp join Amazon or Flipakrt think and act as per your need and think will you be able to achieve the desired success.

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