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May 16, 2020  



SEO Tools

SEO is a trending topic since long and helping the companies to grow the business as per the need. Since the inception SEO is growing day by day and many new concepts are coming on a regular basis.

Many factors involve in the success of the SEO and not only technical but non-technical companies know the importance of the SEO in this modern business world. SEO tool plays an important role in the huge success of SEO and individuals and companies are depends on their results on these SEO tools which is always gives you the expected results. Let’s learn more the popular and important tools for better SEO performance.

Best SEO Tools

If you want to become an expert in SEO you need to know that it’s not that easy if you are new to SEO. SEO tools will help you to become an expert there are many tolls which will help you gain the expertise in SEO.

  • ·         Google Keyword Planner

Keyword plays an important role in SEO optimization, tools which will helps us to get the exact keyword and those keyword which will help us the get the expected results. Google Keyword Planner is the best keyword tool in the world of SEO.

Google Keywords Planner allows the use to search and analyze the keyword with the search volumes. Google Keyword Planner helps in searching those keyword which helps you to get the higher ranking in SERP and keywords which helps in getting the higher traffic.

  • ·         Google Search Console

Google has many tools which help in SEO, one of the most popular tools is Google Search Console which helps the marketer to check if there are any errors on the website, this tool helps in any other ways and we can say that Google Search Console is a boon for the marketers.

It helps us in getting the idea about the impression on the search results and how many clicks we get, this report we can get on daily, weekly and monthly basis or we can prepare the better strategy for the online marketing.

  • ·         Google Analytics

This is another very important and effective tool from Google and helps everyone in find the information of the traffic on the website. When we perform the SEO activity we want to know where that traffic coming to our website and how they are treating our website and its content.

Not only the location it help will help in getting the inform which browser they are using and which device they are using and they entered from which page and they exit from where, all this information is always very useful when you are preparing the strategy for the content on the website, also tells us that how many tie audience spend on which page.

  • ·         Ask the Public

If the marketer knew what the people are asking and what kind of answers they are looking for, if we get this information as it is then we can work on the content on your website and write the content according to the questions people are asking and get the maximum traffic on t he website.

We can find the results in two ways free account which comes with limitation of the searches and pro account with no limitations and the best part id you can find the result as per the region so that you can update or add the content region wise.

  • ·         Google Trends

For content marketer always search the trending topics, trending topics get the attention of the audience and they will turn towards your website however, how to find the trending topics.

Google Trends is the answer of the trending topics, it gives the idea in which region what is trending and what’s not, this will help in writing the content for the social media and the content for the website as well, you can find the trending topics date wise as it’s a fast moving world so searching the trends as per the date will help us in getting more deep into trending topics.

  • ·         Google Schema Markup Generator

There are many activities which help in getting the higher rank in SERP one the activity is On-Page SEO activity and if the on-page is up to the mark then getting the good ranking is always higher, one of the on-page SEO activity is adding the schema markup on the website.

Schema markup informs the bots what this specific page is all about, not only we can generate the schema with the help of this tool but we can check if the generate code is correct or not, incorrect code not going to work for us as wrong code won’t tell anything about our page, we can add schema markup on the main pages and on the blogs as well.

  • ·         Ahref’s SEO Tool Bar

Ahref’s SEO tool bar is a very important tool for the marketers and helps in any ways such as it helps in generate the on-page reports and if our on-page codes are up and fine, it tells us that if the tile is up to the mark and description has the accepted characters and helps in getting the complete information about the canonicals tags.

If we can get the reports with just a click then it will be the best thing for the marketers, we can use the Google extension of this tool which makes our work easier and effective, it also helps in finding the broken links, no follow links and anymore which can be crucial for the SEO activity.

  • ·         Ahref’s Backlink Checker

Backlink plays an important role in ranking and add value to the website, ignoring the backlink can be fatal for the marketers, Ahref backlink checker helps in getting the complete information about the backlinks we are getting from various activity, backlink checker tell us that how many links we are getting from which website and which page has the highest backlink in our website.

Ahref’s backlink checker informs us that the links we are getting are do-follow or no-follow and also tells us if the spam score is higher or lower.


SEO tools were, is and will be helpful to the marketers and always tell them what we have to do and how we are performing the SEO activity, we can say that without tools marketers can’t get the expected results.

There are many SEO tools which are free and most of them come with price tag, marketer has to decide which tools they have to use to get the results as per the need.

Select the SEO tools carefully and start the SEO and get the result which will help you to go high in SERP. 

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