Social Media Marketing

May 22, 2020  



Social Media Marketing

Marketing and Internet coined many terms in the world of marketing and the combination of marketing and internet is changing the concept of marketing rapidly and marketers are accepting the changes positively.

One of the terms which we got the combination is Social Media Marketing and social media marketing plays an important in promotion of products and services. No matter if the business is big, medium or small social media marketing is important for all and will do magic if done in an effective way.

Social Media Marketing is so effective that most of the people are using social media marketing due to various reasons and due to many advantages, which we will cover in the further part of the blog.

What is Social Media Marketing?

When marketer uses the social media platform and websites for the promotion of the products and services and to get connects with the audience is social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing helps the marketer for brand awareness, increase the sales and increase the traffic on the website, social media marketing includes posting high quality and unique content, informative videos and eye catching images and the goal of such activities are engaging t he customers and get the better results from our activity.

Social Media Marketing help conducting the organic and non-organic (paid activity) for the promotion of products and services and once the marketer complete the promotion activity then they can check the results of the activity with the help of analytics available on social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing allows the marketer perform the promotion activity as per geographical, demographic and personal information, with the help of this information marketer can generate the content such blogs and images and videos to get the desired results. We can say that social media marketing is the best way to improve the customer engagement and reach the mass in just a click.

Pillars of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has five main pillars which help in performing the marketing activity in an effective way.

  • ·         Strategy

Strategy plays an important role if you have to achieve expected goals such as leads, traffic on the website and many more; before we start the marketing activity strategy is very important.

The very first step of the strategy is to define the goal like what we have to achieve and how we can do fulfill our expectations and which mode we will use for the same, once the marketer decides the goal then they have to plan which social media platform will take them towards to their goals, now plan according what content is good for your audience and what make them engage in an effective way.

  • ·         Planning and Publishing

Social Media marketing is for all kind of businesses such as small, medium and big. It is beneficial for all and when we plan the content well before posting then marketer will the optimized results. Publishing anything could be fatal sometime so it’s always good to have numbers of contents such as images, videos and blogs which we can post on the social media, well planned content will be shared more by the audience and it helps in generate ore readers.

  • ·         Listening and Engagement

When we have the quality and unique people will listen to us and convert into our audience, when people ill listen to you there are high chances that you will get fresh leads and they will start talking about your brand and start commenting, sharing on your post.

Commenting and sharing the post means they like the content and it leads to ore engagement from the customer’s ends, if the readers will comment on your post if the comment is positive then you can get the more engagement and if there is a negative comment then there are chances to improve the content in future.

  • ·         Analytics

Whenever marketer performs any marketing activity to promote the products and services, marketer always wanted to know the result of their activity. Analytics helps in analyze the content reach and how people are getting engagement with our content and how they are treating our content.

Analytics helps in knowing the result of activity and that leads to update the content as per the result and we can post better content which helps in improving the customers engagement and they will talk more about our contents, analytics helps in making the changes in our content in an effective way.

  • ·         Advertising

Advertising helps in reaching the wider customer base and helps in generating the leads. Advertising is one of the most important pillars of the social media marketing. Marketer performs the ads as per the demographic, geographical and behaviors that makes the marketing more precise and get the precise results.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has many advantages and marketers are taking the benefits out of it

  • ·         Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the best advantages of social media marketing; every company plans the social media strategy considering the brand awareness as they want to reach to the broader audiences and wants to make them more engagement in the form of likes, share, and comment. Brand Awareness performed in two ways such as organics and by running ads, result of both the activities may be differ but their aim is common that is brand awareness.

  • ·         Increase the Traffic

Social Media Marketing helps in increasing the organic and non-organic traffic towards the website by post the quality and unique content such as images, blogs and videos etc. The best way to divert traffic towards website is post the blog. The best strategy is to post the content as much as possible on various social media platform so that more traffic can be diverted towards the website.

  • ·         Generate Leads

Social Media Marketing helps in generating the leads by various activities such as blog posting and running ads. Ads helps in generating the leads without geographic boundaries, people who are interested in our business will get in touch with us or we will get their details and we can promote our products and services to such people.

  • ·         Cost Effective Option

Marketing activities sometime can be very expensive and if any activity is expensive small companies cant afford that and they always look for cost effective options and social media marketing is the option. In social media marketing spending less we can reach as such as people we can and promote our content in an effective ways and with the help of social media marketing companies can save a lot on marketing.


Social Media Marketing is a ladder to reach the wide audience with the quality content and this will turn out to be a good deal for your business. Social Media Marketing helps in generating the best possible leads, increase traffic and create the brand value without geographical boundaries.

Social Media platforms such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram are the few best options for the social media marketing. Prepare the best possible strategy for marketing and make the most of social media marketing and crate the brand. 

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