What Is Affiliate Marketing

April 24, 2020  



What Is Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in running the business; there are many forms of marketing like

  • ·         Traditional way
  • ·         Modern way
  • ·         Online marketing

Companies are adopting online marketing ore, as it is easy to do marketing. Online Marketing also has many categories, one of them is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is becoming popular day by day, unfortunately not much of the people are expert in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing gives the maximum sales opportunity to any B2C retailer or manufacturer.

Affiliate Marketing is a great strategy for almost all kind of business. Affiliate Marketing is a best source of a passive income and you can make money while you sleep. Let’s understand in an effective way, what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process where affiliate earns the money by marketing of another’s persons and companies product. In a very layman language, affiliate refers the product to the customers and when the customer buys the product affiliate will get the commission.

Many big companies and there are specific companies of affiliate marketing have affiliate programs and they will pay commissions ranging from $1 to $10,000 and the commission completely depends on product you are recommending.

In very simple steps let’s try to understand the working pattern of affiliate marketing

  • ·         Join the affiliate marketing program
  • ·         Pick the product you want to do marketing(you get the unique link)
  • ·         Share that link from various platform
  • ·         If someone buys that product using that link, affiliate will get the good commission.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that a salesperson can sell the product from 1-2 companies however in affiliate marketing you can sell the product from many companies that means there are chances of more sales.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

If you made up your mind to be a affiliate marketer than you can start however, before starting you must know from where to start and what all steps to follow to become an excellent affiliate marketer, from finding the right merchant with good commission is a little tedious process and need a consistent approach towards affiliate marketing. Let’s see what steps are involved if you want to be an affiliate marketer.

  • ·         Choose the Niche

The very first step towards becoming the affiliate marketer is to select the product you want to sell. There are many products are available with the merchants but you can’t sell each and every product. The best strategy for affiliate marketing is to select the best product available. Selecting the right product is very important and selecting the wrong product that will be hard to sell the product.

Before selecting niche just ask few questions to yourself

  • ·         Topic you passionate about
  • ·         Do people search your selection
  • ·         Demand of your niche
  • ·         Competition of the niche

Above mentioned questions will help you to understand your interested and the best product for you.

  • ·         Select the Affiliate Program

Once you select the product then second step is to select the program which suits to you and your product as well. While selecting the program you need to check the few important points

  • ·         What all programs merchant are using
  • ·         How much is the commission
  • ·         Is that program is best for your product

Once you get the answers of these questions than you will be able to select the program more precisely.

  • ·         Create the Platform

Once you select the product and the program than you need a platform to execute the affiliate program you select and start earning commission.

While creating the online platform any things has to be consider such ass 

  •    Choose the platform for website
  • ·       Select the proper hosting

While starting affiliate marketing these 2 are very important aspects. Select the name of the website which is very catching and easy to remember. While selecting the hosting service always check the technical aspects as you don’t want your website should be down or slow which will affect on your business.

  • ·         Create and Publish Content

Creating and distributing the content is one of the most important ways to get the traffic on your affiliate website, if there is a more traffic than there will be more sales.

To get the desired traffic you content has to be very good and precise. We all know in the world of online marketing content is a king and if we have good content than our work related to traffic will be easier.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has many advantages and many people are getting benefit out of it and making good money let’s look at some of the advantages of affiliate marketing.

  • ·         Low Cost Opportunity

How much time do you think that you will start the business which has less investment but didn’t come to the conclusion, affiliate marketing is the answer of that thought of less investment business.

Starting affiliate marketing is easy and need less investment as compared to any other business, you just need laptop/PC, internet connectivity and you are all set to start the affiliate marketing.

  • ·         No Expertise Required

In affiliate marketing you don’t need any specific skill, you success depends on what kind of practice you are choosing and what kind of experiment you are doing to make the more sales and all such things makes you successful affiliate marketer.

The best thing sis that you are free to choose the program which suits to the kind of product you choose for marketing.

  • ·         Passive Income

The best advantage of affiliate marketing is that it can give you passive income. To start with affiliate marketing you doesn’t have to quit your current job and still you can make the good money through affiliate marketing.

Still many people recommend the affiliate marketing because it turns out to be a good bet for passive income. Someone said about affiliate marketing that you can make money while sleeping also and that’s a correct statement.

  • ·         Flexibility

Affiliate Marketing allows you to work as per our time; you are always free to work in flexible time and environment as well.

In day to day you don’t have to worry about the sales and the customer retention, work as per your availability.

How Do Affiliate Marketer Get Paid

Affiliate Marketing is a very quick and easy way to make the money. They way affiliate marketer are getting paid totally depend on what kind of affiliate program they selected. Let’s see the way they are getting paid

  • ·         Pay Per Click

In tic kind of program the affiliate marketer divert audience from his platform to the merchants website, once the audience click on the unique link and reached to the merchants website than affiliate marketer gets paid.

  • ·         Pay Per Sale

A very common kind of affiliate program where affiliate get the percentage of the sales, once the sales takes place from the marketing activity of the affiliates he get paid after that.

  • ·         Pay Per Lead

This based on the conversion of the lead where in affiliate has to chase the customer to perform certain actions on the merchant’s website like giving reviews, download software. This is a little complex and difficult program.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing comes with any disadvantages as well; let’s take a look of few disadvantages

  • ·         Can’t Control Affiliate Program

You can just select the affiliate program but can’t own it, in that cast you have to depend on the merchant’s terms and conditions. The program you choose looks attractive in the beginning and become competitive and maybe you will not able to adjust on your terms.

  • ·         Competitive Industry

Affiliate Marketing is an attractive business with low investment and has goof return that makes it very competitive field. The expert marketer makes this industry more competitive and they know how to stay ahead in the industry.

  • ·         No Customer Base

Once the customer made the sale using the unique link which was owned by you, next time he is unlikely to buy something using you affiliate activity, so establishing the customer’s base in very difficult.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program In 2020

Affiliate Marketing is getting famous day by day here are few popular affiliate program

  • ·         ShareSales Affiliates
  • ·         Amazon Associates
  • ·         Shopify Affiliate Program
  • ·         Clickbank
  • ·         Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
  • ·         CJ Affiliates


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best sources for passive income with less investment and you don’t need specific skills to be an affiliate marketer. Affiliate Marketing pays good commission if you know what you need to do in affiliate marketing.

It’s a very competitive field but still very attractive and lucrative sector which is growing rapidly, affiliates marketing is a win-win situate ion for affiliates and enchants as well.

Next time if you think for a passive income than always give a try to affiliate marketing may be it will turn out to be a good bait for you and you can achieve the desired success in this competitive field. 

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