What is Branding?

April 29, 2020  



What is Branding?

Most of the business has two aims, profit and people know them as a brand. Businesses do much activity to attain these two and they always try maintaining what they achieved.

According to many survey its cleat that customers always buy the products and services from the recognized brand, big companies always have big budget for the marketing so they can build the brand however, this is not the scenario with the small companies or a startups, that’s why they have to find the ways to build the brand within their budgets.

These two examples give you the clear idea what brand means

  • ·         Bisleri, we don’t ask for water in the store, we always ask for Bisleri.
  • ·         Thumps Up, We never ask for cold drink, we say lets drink thumps ups.

These two examples are the best example of the branding and it is clearly indicates that building the brand is not very easy, its take a lots of effort to do the same.

What is Branding?

Branding is a process of how to build the impression of your products in front of customers and potential customers.  In a very layman language how people will interact with you products and services is a branding.

Many activities are involved while the companies try to do branding, such activities are  

  1. ·         Creation of website and logo
  2. ·         Online Advertising
  3. ·         Content Distribution
  4. ·         Customer Service

Branding is not that that easy process, it’s a tedious task which takes long time as you expected, for any kind of branding you needs a concrete strategy for the branding.

The reason behind the branding is let the customers understand easily what you are offering and what makes your different from the competitors.

How to do Branding?

Branding is long term strategy and doesn’t happen overnight or in a few months, many activities are involved in branding. Let’s take a deep dive in how to do branding.

  • ·         Identify the Purpose Behind the Brand

Before starting the process of branding you must ask few questions that will help you to start the branding process

  • 1.       What makes you different
  • 2.       What kind of solution you can provide
  • 3.       Reason of Product Existence

Answers of this question will help in creating tag lines, slogans and messages about your product.

  • ·         Competitor Research

Competition research will help you to know what they are following for branding and where are they lacking in, purpose of this research is not to follow them but it’s about the awareness of the competitors campaign.

Competitors might be lacking somewhere in making the strategy, if you find out that lope hole than you can add the solution of the loophole in your strategy.

  • ·         Identify the Targeted Audience

You must aware from whom your brand is for, you can’t be brand for everyone. Before starting the process of branding identifies who will be interested in your products and services and who can target easily. Once you identify this then you can start the branding process.

Always start with small number of audience as it’s easy to target and you may achieve the target before the deadline, which little tedious but still you can give a shot, audience identifying is every important as you can easily convey your message to the small audience what you product is all about and how you are different from others and why should they chose you.

  • ·         Buyers Persona

For whom you are starting the branding process, for the buyers of the products and services, then knowing the buyers persona is always beneficial and important, the buyers persona will give you idea about the

  • 1.       Age
  • 2.       Gender
  • 3.       Location
  • 4.       Income

This all details will help you to make the strategy so specific and you know what you need to do and who to do it. Such vital information always helps you in the long run as branding process is also a long term.

  • ·         Complete your Branding Strategy

Your branding strategy is a detailed plan which gives insight about what you want to achieve and how will you achieve it. It has many details such as

  • 1.       Vision, Mission, Vales
  • 2.       Tag lines, Slogans
  • 3.       Logo

All this information will help you to go ahead in the systematic manner and if you have full proof plan then journey is little easy.

  • ·         Aggressive Digital Marketing

We all know that we are living in the world which is dominated by digital, in the world of digital we have to do marketing on the digital platforms as well and digital marketing is the best available option for the same. Digital marketing has many hands such as

  • 1.       SEO
  • 2.       Social Media
  • 3.       Content Marketing

All the above mentioned ways of digital marketing will help you effectively in achieving the desired result. We all know that content is the king and if we distribute the content effectively thorough social media and email marketing we will create the awareness for the products and services which leads to branding. SEO will help us to rank higher on the search results whenever people will search about the products and services related to us and this will create the trust in the searchers.

Why Branding is Important

Branding is all about how people will think and act when they see your products and services. It’s all about the impression of the company. Let’s take a look why branding is important

  • ·         New Customers

Branding will always help you to get new customers  as branding helps you to get  the positive image of the company and customers will love to do business with you and if the customers are happy the will do the best marketing for you and that is Word of Mouth and you can add any new customers in your list.

  • ·         Get Recognized

How market is recognizing the company and how customers are dealing with the company is the main role of branding. The logo and the tag lines play an important role.

  • ·         Employee Satisfaction

If you are working with the brand, you will get good perks and the most important is satisfaction and if you are working the life become more enjoyable and you always feel that your company has sense of belonging related to you.

  • ·         Trust Building

If branding is done well it will create the trust in the market and in the customers as well, market and customer will trust you in the crisis as well and if you launch a new product then you don’t have to worry as market and customers will look at you as a trusted company.

  • ·         Helps you to Stand Out

In the fast changing business world it’s very important to provide the best services and a product in the market; branding helps you to look differ from the competition not only in the local market but in the global market as well.

  • ·         Increase Business Value

When branding aggressively than we can create the value for our brand in the market and we get the edge as compared to the competitors, we can approach investors for the investment as your products is a brand now.


Branding plays a very important role in achieving the business goals however branding is a long term strategy and not a short term. Branding is one of the most important things you can do for the new and existing business.

Concrete branding strategy will help you to transoms your small business into big business and you can build the trust with in the market and will be able to achieve the business goals in the expected time.

Implement the best branding strategy and have a blast in the market. 

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