What is Domain Name

May 23, 2020  



What is Domain Name

Name plays an important role in everybody’s life, it gives us the identity and people know us by our name. Everything has a name and name is everything for us in our life.

Same as human websites also has name and by tying the name we reach to the specific websites and remembering the website name plays an important role.

Website has domain names and domain name helps in finding the website easily and we reach on the specific website.

What is Domain Name?

The domain name is the name of your website, its an address of your website which will help you to reach your website. User will reach to your website by typing your website domain name, in a very simple language we can say that website is a house and domain name is the address.

The world of internet is big and there are many websites and many people are accessing the many website, here domain name comes into picture which helps the user to reach the specific website.

The very first domain was registered in 1985 by a computer systems firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the current era there are so many domain registered that we can say that domain names are flooded.

Types of Domain Name  

Lets take a look at the types of domain names

  • ·         Top Level Domain

In 1985 6 types of domain were released and these domains were known as top level domain or TDL and these domain is still considered the high domain in the world of domain, these top level domains or TDL are as below

  1.      .com : This is the most popular type of domain and whenever people try to buy domain they first look for this domain only.
  2.       .net : This domain is mostly used for company who are into networking or infrastructure business.
  3.      .edu : Just looking at the we can say that this domain is specifically used for educational institute.
  4.      .org : This domain is mostly used for non-profits and charitable trust who are involved in social services.
  5.     .mil : This domain is used for the military of various countries.
  6.    . gov : This is the most powerful domain in all and all the government establishment is  used this domain for their websites.


  • ·         Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTDL)

This domain represents the specific country, if you have businesses in various countries than you can use this to create the website of your business for the specific country where you are doing your business. Such domains help in doing the business locally and it gives the signal to the customers that you have come to the right website of the business. Example, if you are doing business in India then you will use the domain .in which represents the India.

  • ·         Generic Top Level Domain

As the name suggests such domain can be used for any kind of websites and any one can buy this domain for any kind of websites.

  • ·         Second Level Domain

This type of domain is a part of domain which people will always remember like your company or the name of the products. Such domain is mostly used so that the products will come up as a brand.

  • ·         Third Level Domain

Without third level domain your website will work, they are not as important as other domain; third level domain is always a part of domain but not the essential part of it. Most of the companies are not using the third level domain. Example, www is considered as a third level domain.

  • ·         Subdomain

Subdomain is not but a child domain under the main domain. Once you register the main domain then you can create the subdomain as per your need. It id mostly use to create the child website under the main domain, many business house use this kind of domain for the blogs and for the products as well. Example, blog.maindoain.com

Advantages of Domain Names

Strong domain name always have an advantages to the company and to our brands as well, let’s take a look at some of the advantages

  • ·         Unique Identity

The world of internet is too big and too deep as well and no one wants to lost in this big world and every business wants to be found, that’s what domain does for the business it creates the unique identity so that people will find you easily.

  • ·         Creates Credibility

When people are looking for some products and services and if you don’t have website how people will reach to your business and if they can’t reach you they won’t be able to use the products and services and there will be no credulity. If you have products and there is no website than it’s difficult for you to create the credibility in the market.

  • ·         Control your Brand

Always buy the domain name as  per your brand it gives you more control of your brand, think you have some brand but somebody else has the domain name of your brand, this will leads to lose the control of your brand.


Domain Name plays an important role in establishing the business and gives the identity in t he market and helps in creating the trust as well. The perfect domain name is nothing but bliss for the business, the right domain name always connects the brand with the market and the customers.

There are many people who are into the business of buying and selling of domain names and this shows that how important is domain names of the business. Unique domain name always gives the edge in the market against your competitions and makes you different from them.


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