What is Google Ads

May 6, 2020  



What is Google Ads

Every second there are millions of search happens on Google; companies always wanted to on the top of the searches and at least will be on the first page of the search engine result page.

To get the desired traffic on the website to get the leads for ingoing business companies do many activities which will be paid and organic, these activities helps the in achieving the desired result for the growth.

One such very popular way to get the traffic and the leads is Google Ads, many companies running the Google Ads for the better result and better leads and I think the way Google Ads are popular in the business sector then it is giving the expected result to the business and individual.

Let’s take a deep dive into Google Ads and take look into how it is helping people to get the desired growth.

What is Google Ads?

What is Google Ads, an online advertising platform which allows companies to run the ads for the various reasons such as lead generation, website traffic, and video content.

The ads will display to the customers when they search the keyword we are targeting in that ads. Google Ads is the best tool to generate the leads for your business, increase traffic on the website and making aware to the people about our products and services.

These ads can be managed from anywhere and you can make the changes in your ads and add and remove the text on the ads. In the ads we have to spend the minimum on the ads but that is not the case with the Google Das there is no minimum spending and you can set the budget on your own and at the same time you can check the performance of the ads, all such things we can do just on a click.

Types of Google Ads

Google Ads helping many companies to get what they are looking for and companies running various ads to achieve the results, Google allows companies and individuals to run various ads, lets take a look at the various type of Google Ads

  • ·         Search Ads

When you search something on the search engine if we get any results for our searches and the result we get on the top of the search results are the search ads.

When we search for something and whatever results marked with ad in the box are output of the search ads campaign. Before display such ads Google consider any factor before that and gives the expected the result. Search Ads can be very fruitful and beneficial for the business.

  • ·         Display Ads

Have you ever seen the ads while reading something and watching video on the random websites and you see such ads at many places on the website those ads are display ads, those ads are in different shape and size.

These ads are different from search ads these ads are displayed on any factors such as keywords, interest of the audience and on that basis Google decides where to display the ads.

Keywords, placement, remarketing and topics are the factors which are decided by Google to display the ads on the website.

  • ·         Shopping Ads

These ads are specifically for the seller or the retailers, who are selling the products and services to the customers, this kind of ads helps the retailers to generate the leads for the product and services and increase the traffic on the website which leads to the conversions. Once the retailers run the das they have to update the product data every 30 days on Google Merchant Center.

  • ·         Video Ads

This type of ads helps the advertised to run the video ads on t he various platform where people can see the ads and get engaged with advertiser. We all know that video is the very popular form of advertising and many people love to see the ads they get more engaged with the video.

Video has many types of benefits like specific targeting on the basis on keywords, locations and interest, such ads helps in increase the reach of the marketing message and always easy to measure the success of the campaigns on the various platforms such as TV and YouTube.

  • ·         Universal App Campaign

This type of campaign is helpful for the companies who has mobile apps and they want more and more people to download there app and they can promote their apps on playstore and can do display ads as well for the same.

Running these ads are very easy and convenient just provide text, budget and set the language and the location as well and rest is all set.

Various types of ads can be used to meet the expectation of the organizations which helps them to take the competitive advantages.


Google Ads will be very helpful if we use this online advertising platform effectively. When Google launched in 2000 they might be skeptical about the success of the Google Ads and rest is the history. Google Ads has many features and services which is helping the companies in achieving their targets as per the expectation of the companies.

Google Ads are not only beneficial for the companies but also for the Google, as they are earning is good and companies are also getting the maximum outcome from the Google Ads. It’s not the secret that more focused ads will give you more focused result and with the help of that results companies are getting aggressive for the paid campaigns.

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