What is Guerrilla Marketing

May 14, 2020  



What is Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing is a very wide topic and its very difficult to master in each and term of marketing as there are many conventional or new terms which may work or may not work for the specific products and services, what is working for one of the products and service may be that term may not be worth of the other products and services.

Once the company knew that any specific term of marketing is working for them they hardly try or implement another term until the existing terms won’t give the expected output. Let take a look one of the term which is very popular in the marketing sector and that term is Guerrilla Marketing.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

When we hear the word Guerrilla what comes in the mind, war or a conflict, because that word is always related to war and conflicts since long, if you mix this word with marketing then whatever comes out from the combination that will for sure surprise the people.

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy where company uses the unconventional techniques and surprises the customer in order to promote their products and services.

In Guerrilla Marketing companies use multiple and creative marketing techniques which will turn the customers towards the products and services emotionally and remember the brand for the long time, the ultimate goal of guerrilla marketing is to attract the customer towards the brand in an effective way. Guerilla Marketing was coined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book named “Guerrilla Advertising”. Guerrilla Marketing always has a small budget, gives preference to personal interaction and targets the small group of people from a specific location and this marketing technique is very different from traditional marketing and online marketing.

Companies using guerrilla marketing are mostly depends on word of mouth marketing to get connected to the larger audience, the main motto of guerrilla marketing is getting connected the customers emotionally however this marketing technique doesn’t work on each and every product. Guerrilla Marketing is trying to get connected with broader audience so the best place to conduct the guerrilla marketing activities are street, public parks, beaches, shopping center however guerrilla marketing activity gives you expected result when companies select the right time and right place. Let’s take a deeper look into the world of guerrilla marketing.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

Lets take a look at very effective types of Guerrilla Marketing

  • ·         Ambush Marketing

In this marketing technique in which an advertiser grab the best place in a event, a good location and ad space to get the competitive advantages among the competitors, In ambush strategy we companies always want to get the as much as attention they can get and make the people aware about their products and marketing, this strategy works when we have eye catching image and the content.

  • ·         Stealth Marketing

This marketing technique is as same as its name suggested; in stealth marketing we do marketing activity without letting the customer know that this is marketing. We have seen many ads placed strategically on facebook and on many blogging site and ads were placed in such a way that it doesn’t look like any king of marketing tactics.

  • ·         Ambient Marketing

This marketing strategy is a very eye catching and grabs the customer’s attention very quickly; in this the marketing content was placed with the high visibility image. Ads placed on magazine and in between movies and on television such ads may be get ignored but if ambient marketing is applied then ignoring  is difficult whereas if the message is eye catching and has a large image to show.

  • ·         Wild Posting

In this marketing technique ads can be placed at multiple locations with may be same images or same content or sometime with various images and different contents. This technique is a very eye catching and draws the attention of the audiences; such marketing activities take place high traffic and urban area.

  • ·         Street Marketing

This is very not the conventional way of marketing where marketing activities takes place on the streets with high density. If we place the ads on high density street than it is for sure that people will attracts towards the ads.

  • ·         Viral Marketing

This marketing is considered one of the best marketing practices, where in companies always try to grab the attention through influencer who will spread your message related to the brand and media sharing. Word of Mouth marketing is the best example of viral marketing.

Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

Unconventional marketing tactics has many benefits if implemented properly and always deliver the expected results. Let’s look at some of the benefits of guerrilla marketing

  • ·         Low Budget

Guerrilla marketing used the interactive and unconventional way of marketing of the products and services to engage the customers. Guerrilla Marketing takes place at unexpected place and time which helps in saving a lot on marketing front.

  • ·         Perfect for Building Partnership

Main motto of guerrilla marketing is getting connected with the masses for the promotion for these companies always seek new ways and for that they get into collaboration with local business establishment, universities and with any organization to make the marketing effect productive and effective.

  • ·         Go Viral

We are living in  the world where our life are getting impacted by smartphone and social media and the best way to get connected with the masses to go viral on social media and spread your messages with hard impact.

  • ·         Unique and Memorable

In guerrilla marketing we have to get connected with the audiences emotionally and for that the campaigns have to be very unique and memorable. Some ads are so unique and memorable that they impact hard in a very effective way.


Guerrilla Marketing is a very effective way to get connected with the audience on the emotional level and its impact us so effective that it helps in attracting the customs quickly.

In guerrilla marketing tie and location is very important and it helps the companies in any ways such as low budget. Implement the guerrilla marketing and enjoy the benefit of this.

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