What is Marketing

April 29, 2020  



What is Marketing

Businesses always do many activities to attract the customers and spend a lot in the process of attracting them. Marketing is not a sort team or long term process but it’s a never ending process.

Now a day’s marketing is not very costly like it was before, there are many platform which is helping big, small or startups in managing the marketing effectively. Let’s take a deep dive into the ocean which is also known as marketing.

What is Marketing

Marketing is a wide topic many people explain marketing in various ways, let see what kind of definition suits us.

What is marketing, it’s a process of attracting and generated the interest in the potential customers for your products and services.

Many people think that marketing is just advertising, but marketing and advertising are two different concepts. Marketing includes many activities such as advertising, selling and delivery of the products and services to the customers.

Marketing have 4 P’s which plays a very important role in making the best marketing strategy.

  • .       Product: This is the reason of all kind of marketing
  • .       Place: From where you are selling the products, from physical or online store.
  • .       Price: How do you set the prize of the products and services.
  • .       Promotion: All kind of marketing and communication process.

Types of Marketing

Few decades back we had only few types of marketing however now a days there are many types of marketing and each type has various concept and different ways to implement it, let’s take a look at some of the popular types of marketing.

  • .       Traditional Marketing

Let’s talk about the marketing which was exists before the revolution of the internet and it is considered the first type of digital marketing however, this type is marketing is very rare now as many new concepts took over the traditional way of marketing.

  • .       Digital Marketing

This is very modern way of marketing and this came into picture after the revolution of the internet, when we do any marketing activity on the digital platform that is digital marketing. No matter you are big, small or a startup everyone has confidence on digital marketing and they this type of marketing delivering the expected results.

  • .       Outbound Marketing

When we are reaching to potential customers through various modes such as print media, television, call and email marketing. Outbound marketing is all about attracting the customers and let them know about our products.

  • .       Account Based Marketing

This is a new concept in the field of marketing and still not a very popular concept in all business worlds, in these types of marketing we consider a person or company as market for our products and services. In ABM whatever marketing activity we do we dedicated all the activity to that person or a company, activities like creation and distribution of the content, launching new marketing campaigns.

  • .       Word of Mouth

This type of marketing is considered the best way of marketing, in this our customer tells good things about our brand and services and they recommend us to the potential customers. The best art of this kind of marketing is this is a very trusted way of marketing and companies can trust on this. You just have to treat well to your customers and fulfill their needs in a effective way and rest is assured.

  •            Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing rise when the marketing shifted to social media, in this companies get in touch with the influencers who will recommend their products and services on various digital platforms and on print media as well, such influencers have numbers of followers and just a video can reach to the thousands of the people and marketing tales place through the influences.

Importance of Marketing

Marketing plays an important role in the success of the business; let’s take a look few importance of the marketing

  • ·         Customer Engagement

Marketing helps in customer engagement, we can engage the customers by delivering the relevant information of the products and services.

Social Media and Email Marketing is the best way to distribute the content and engage the customers.

  • ·         Products and Services Awareness

Marketing helps in reaching out the customers and the potential customers, this can be done by sharing the quality and relevant content and sharing the infographics on various digital platforms.

  • ·         Increase the Customer Base

While doing t he marketing you will convey many things related to the products and services that will help you to make the brand. Companies inform the customer that how our products and services is going to make the betterment in your life and how it will impact positively in day to day activity.

Due to this customers will gain the trust and start using the products and this will leads to more sales, more customers and more revenue.

  • ·         Global Recognition

Now days marketing is shifted to digital platform and almost all the companies love to do marketing on digital platform and the reason is the global reach is possible due to digital platform. Getting global recognition is easier as compared to before, effective marketing plan will take you from local market to global market.


To run a successful business to build successful business marketing is very important, if you have a aggressive marketing plan than there are high chances that your products and services will attract more customers.

In a very layman language we can say that marketing is a process to understand the need of the customers and maintain the healthy relation with them. Marketing and Sales teams has to work together effectively to achieve the desired result for the organization.

Plan effective marketing and enjoy the customer engagement and more sales and more revenue. 

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