What is SEO

April 27, 2020  



What is SEO

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in the business world, be it small business, startups and big business they all spend big percentage of the budget towards marketing.

Since the inception of the internet many sectors were impacted in the business world, marketing is one of them. Internet coined many terms in various fields; one of the terms is digital marketing.

Digital Marketing has many aspects and one of the most important aspects of digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO plays a very important role if you are planning to adopt the digital marketing for your business, further we will dig deep about Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, it’s a process of optimizing the website for the ranking in various search engines and get the organic traffic on the website. SEO involves all the activity which is not paid and whatever result we get that is all organics and non-paid.

In SEO we do various activities like making the changes in the website and changes in the content so that search engine get attracted towards our website and we get the improved ranking on the search engines. Many people think that SEO is difficult task but if we look in the deep SEO is not that difficult as it sees.

When we make the changes in our website search engine will scan, crawl and update the serve and after that they decide the outcome of the SEO efforts.

Factors of SEO

Once we do SEO still there are many other factors which has to be up to the mark to get the desired result of SEO activity, those factors are

  • ·         Content Marketing

We say content is the king and to get the best result of the SEO our content has to be unique, relevant and plagiarism free and informative. If all the parameters of the content have to be taken care of search engine will get attracted towards our website and rank high in SERP which leads to the organic traffic.

  • ·         On-Page SEO

The activity which we do on our website to get the improved ranking is On-Page factor of SEO. On-Page plays an important role in ranking and it helps the search engine to identify what the page is all about. In On-Page we take following actions

1.       Meta Title: Title tells to search engine what page is all about.

2.       Meta Description: More information regarding the page.

3.       Sub-Heading: H1, H2, H3 and so on tell the search engine about the content.

4.       Atl Tag: It helps search engine to index the image effectively.


  • ·         Off-Page SEO

Whatever activity we do on third parties website to get the desired ranking on the search result is Off-Page activity. Off-Page plays an important role in the ranking, we don’t have control direct control on Off-Page however if we do it effectively then off-pages activity gives the positive result. Let’s look at some off-page activity

  • 1.       Social Media
  • 2.       Blog Submission
  • 3.       Image Submission
  • 4.       Social Book Marking
  • 5.       Directory Submission

All above mentioned off-page activity is most that’s why we have to perform such activity on a regular basis so that we get the higher ranking on search results.

Types of SEO

 SEO has of two types; let’s take a brief look into that

  • ·         White Hat SEO

Every search engine has guideline for every activity related to SEO, when we follow those guidelines religiously and don’t deviate from the ethics of the SEO that process is White Hat SEO.

All SEO experts will suggest you to follow the white hate SEO technique; will always give you the best result as white hat is search engine friendly.

  • ·         Black Hat SEO

When we do any SEO activity and deviates from the guidelines of the search engines to get the ranking quickly and sometime we get the results as well such activity is marked as black hat SEO.

Black Hat helps in getting the result very quickly but search engine algorithms are so advanced they will identify the black hat activity and there are chances they mark the spam to our website and we won’t get the good results for a very long time, so negate the black hat.

Benefits of SEO

SEO is very popular activity of a digital marketing and many businesses have faith on SEO, so lets check why SEO is so trust worthy.

  • ·         Quality Traffic

Whatever traffic we get from the SEO activity that is very quality traffic as the people who visit to our website they actually search the kind of services and products we are offering, when they search on search engine and they found us then they visit to our website, means its quality traffic

  • ·         Cost Effective

Unlike the paid ads SEO is free and whatever activity we do related to SEO all are free and SEO saves lots of money for you. Ads are getting costlier day by day not everyone can afford the cost incurred by ads for them SEO is the best option for the good ranking in search results.

  • ·         Improves Trust and Credibility

If someone wants to buy the shoes he will search the best company for shoes on the search engine and if search engines are showing your website on the top ranking then customers will start taking your business seriously and that leads to trust and credibility.

  • ·         Long Term Strategy

Businesses who are serious about the marketing always make the long term strategy of SEO, as it take the effort of 6-12 months to get the desired result from the search engine. It takes time to go up but once you are there it also takes time to go down on search result.


SEO plays a very important role in the success of your business, if yoy have a long term plan for SEO and SEO was implemented properly than search results will be always in your favor.

SEO has a competitive edge as compared to paid ads; it helps in getting the quality traffic which will leads to the more sales and more revenue. Overall SEO is a boom for all the businesses and plan it and hit it as hard as you can.

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