What is Social Media

April 30, 2020  



What is Social Media

When we think about internet any  things comes in our mind and social media is one of them but have you ever thought why social media comes in our mind, because we use internet to use t he social media accounts. Are we thinking in the right direction?

Social Media has a very long history even before we know the term Internet, we think about the new form of social media which are popular in now days. Let’s understand what is social media?

What is Social Media?

Social Media is medium through which we connect with the people and we share the messages with each other, message may be about anything.

Above mentioned definition of social media is in regards to the wider concept of social media. The first social media platform was invented in 18th century in the form of Telegraph. We can say that telegraph and telephone both the form of social media.

Let’s take a look what is social media from the modern era point of view, applications and websites that are used to share the content quickly and in real time.

Everyone has different reasons to use the social media, some use it for to communicate with friends and family, some uses it for getting in touch with communities and there are many businesses use it for the promotion.

Types of Social Media

If you ask someone about the types of social media they will tell you various website of social media but those are just the platform not the types of social media, let’s take a dip into types of social media.

  • ·         Social Networks

Social Networking takes place through social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and many more, with the help of the platforms people get connected to the friends and family and share the videos and images.

Social Media Websites helps not only helps in sharing the videos and images but also help in to communicate with the various communities and helps in to create groups with likeminded people.

Social Media platforms help the companies to connect with the customers and updating them about their products and services.

  • ·         Media Sharing Network

Media could be anything from content, photos and videos as well, and media sharing network helps them to share on individual and on corporate level.

For individual media sharing helps in building the new connections and maintain the existing connections and helps the corporate to brand building and generating the leads.

There are few specific media sharing website such as YouTube is for videos and Instagram is for images only and they are already became very popular in their field.

  • ·         Social Review Sites

We buy any things online and we go for travelling and always looking for some platform where we can share our experience.

Social review sites like tripadvisor and mouthshut shows the reviews from the various people who want to share their experience with new products and go for lunch and dinner in any restaurants. Such reviews help many others to decide if they want to use those products and services or not, these reviews negate all kind of guess works. This also helps in understand what customers think about the products and services.

  • ·         Discussion Forums

This is a very popular type of social media which helps in getting the answers of their question and also helps in sharing the images and videos as well.

Such websites helps you to join the groups which you have interest in and you can share your knowledge in those groups and people will also share their views and that leads to the better discussion and best place to share the knowledge real time. Quora and Reddit are few very popular discussion forums.

  • ·         Publishing and Blogging Networks

This is mostly used for building the brands through creating and publishing the unique and relevant contents. This type of social media helps in discover and publish the content as per our interest and need.

We all know that content is a king and if you publish the content on social media then companies will get the brand value, leads and higher sales. There are many website that helps companies to get the leads and brand value such as WordPress and Medium.

  • ·         Video Networks

There are many surveys which say that video are the best way to send the message as it is more interesting and creative as well, new technology helps the people to search and distribute the videos effectively.

YouTube and Vimeo are the best social media to get connected with the people and with the audiences and getting the brand value.

  • ·         Sharing Networks

There are many social media which we can use to save a lot on travelling and for accommodation as well. Such social media are t he best for sole and backpackers. Sites like uber and airbnb are the best example for such kind of networks.

  • ·         Social Book Marking Network

This kind of social media is used to find, share and discuss on the content which is trending on the platforms. This helps in connecting in customers which helps in create the brand awareness in the market, social book marking network helps in generating leads, traffic on the website and helps in customer engagement as well.


Social Media are on boom for sharing and getting the knowledge and social media helps many people on individual and professionally level.

If an individual out and corporate can think creatively and create the unique content and distribute theta content effectively then connecting with friends and family is fun and if we talk about the corporate then they can share many things related to products and services for the potential customers and existing customers.

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