Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

October 30, 2019  



Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Revolution on the internet has changed our life drastically, everything that we do before the internet now has a different face. Take anything life sharing information, transferring money, traveling & eating as well if all have an impact on some of the other way than how shopping won't get affected.

Online shopping is one of the most used ways to do shopping. Who doesn't like to shop & if you can do it from home & office & get the orders delivered at your doorstep than online shopping is bliss. Ecommerce is like a part of life now.

Online Shopping gives a new way to shop however whenever something new comes then it comes with advantages & disadvantages as well. Online shopping also has advantages & disadvantages that are also affecting the online buyers. Let's focus more on the advantages & disadvantages of online shopping.

What are the Advantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping gives the new idea of shopping, due to online shopping people started saying "Yes we like online shopping". Here is a life of advantages of online shopping: 


What every people do convenience is the best thing to get, online shopping gave the convenience to the customers like a shop from anywhere be at home, office or from anywhere you can think of you can do shopping. No matter if you have a smartphone, personal computer, tab or laptop all device will help you to shop as per your requirement.

If someone has a super busy schedule than online shopping is the best option for them as they can't go to the shop to buy their needs. In online shopping, their need is just a click away. 

Variety in Products

Diversity is the best feature of online shopping when you want to buy something you will get many options for specific products. If you visit any physical shop choices are less but online shopping not only gives you a variety of products but you can choose the retailer as well. 

No Queue

While doing online shopping there is no need to stand in the queue to check the products & after purchase doesn't have to wait to make the payments. During the festive seasons' physical store is jam-packed than online shopping plays an important role as there is no crowd & no headache.

No pushy sales

In physical store may be many people buy the products due to pushy sales as the salesperson push to buy to constantly explain you the benefit of the product, however, online shopping is free from pushy sales and you can buy as per your likes & dislikes. 

Product Comparison

Comparison helps in shopping, it helps in finding the best product & product at the best price as well. Reviews of the products also help in finding the best products as per your needs. Comparison is not limited to products & price but you can select the seller or seller near to your location. 

Controlled Shopping

When we go on a conventional shopping we tend to but which is not required & we spend more in that way. In online shopping we search for the product which we need, then we buy those products and the tasks are completed. Online shopping helps to curb unnecessary shopping & saves our money as well. 

Easy to Send a Gift

If you want to send a gift to your family member & friends than you have to go to gift shop & wrap up the gift & than courier than the gift to the specific person, all hassle has hone now in online shopping just choose the product & pay rest all will be managed by an eCommerce website. 


Money-saving is one of the best advantages of online shopping you can buy during sales, you can apply the discount coupons & get the product at a very less price. Every eCommerce company rolls out the mega discount during the festive season which helps the buyer to save money. 

Online Shipment Tracking

Once you choose the product & make the payment now you will have to wait for the product however you can track the order from the warehouse till I was delivered to you. You can track each & every detail of your shipment.

What are the Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Now we have discussed the advantages of online shopping its time to discuss the disadvantages of online shopping. Here is the list of the disadvantages of online shopping: 

Shipping Delay

Even the biggest eCommerce company won't guarantee delivery on time. Your product may get damaged, lost or may be delivered to the wrong address. Shipping charges can make the product more expensive. 

Data Privacy

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping as you give you phone number & bank details which may not be only with  the eCommerce company, you may start getting unwanted messages & calls, data privacy can be a threat.

  Risk of Fraud

Online Shopping gives the path for online fraud. Fraud related to credit cards duplicates items. To prevent yourself from this fraud always buy products from the reputed eCommerce store. Many sellers just Create Online Store & don't give much attention to security issues. 

Complicated Return Policy

Once you receive the product & if you don't like or something went wrong and you have to return the product, which is a little complicated. If you expecting the full return of money that may not be possible as they deduct the packing cost, shipping cost & you may get the money little.

No trial of  the products

When we go for conventional shopping we can try different products & check which products suits us like clothes & shoes however in online the shopping you can't touch & feel the product until you received it. 

No Sales Assistance

Sometimes we don't know the product details & even don't know which product is good for us, in physical store sales representatives explain everything in detail but in online shopping, we don't get an assistant & we may but what is not up to our requirement.

Spending more time on shopping

We may think that online shopping saves a lot of time but unknowingly we spend more time on shopping. Shopping can be addictive & becomes a habit which will kill more time. Spending more time shopping may lead you to spend more money as well.

Advantages & Disadvantages for Sellers 

Online Shopping doesn't come with advantages & disadvantages for buyers only, there are many advantages & disadvantages for sellers as well. Kets discuss there opportunity & drawbacks as well. 


Create Online Store

Create Online Store for your business & sell more & get entry into the new market. This will help you to generate more revenue. 

Less Investment

When you plan to create online store for your business then you are going to do that at a very low cost as there is no rent for physical stores & no salaries for sales representatives. 

24/7 Shop

You can do business 24/7 there is no time to open & no time to close, create online store & you are available for the whole day, & the whole year. Customers can visit your website anytime & from any location.


Technical Issues

You may face website downtime when there is high traffic on your website. Sometimes customers don't buy due to a technical issue in processing the payments from the website. 

Someone can copy the idea

If you have any unique idea to sell more & ideas related to marketing, there are higher chances that your idea may get stolen & implemented by your competitors. 

High Maintenance Cost

If you are starting your online business than creating the eCommerce website will be little costly & the server charges will be more as eCommerce the website takes more space as compared to other  websites.


Online shopping gives many benefits to the buyers at the same time online shopping delivers disadvantages as well. Sellers also have advantages & disadvantages of online shopping. If both sellers & buyers use the online shopping concept in a proper manner than ignoring the disadvantages is easy. Every booming thing comes with advantages & disadvantages however if we focus more on advantages than we will get more benefits out of it. 

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