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April 17, 2020  



Google Webmaster Tool

When you thought to launch a website for your business, you might be doing great with your business or you might have some plans to do scale your business.

Once you launch the website you always want that your website should always be up and fine and there will be no issues related to crawling, speed issues and any others and you might thought which tool is the best to track the performance of you website in terms of technical issues.

Now you don’t have to worry about any such tools as Google has such an effective tool which will solve most of your queries related to technical issues in you e website. That tool is Google Webmaster or Google Search Console.

In may 2015 Google rename Google Webmaster Toll as a Google Search Console and in January 2018 they launched the new and more precise version of the webmaster tools. In new version the tabs are less and little easy to use as compared to old version, still many people liked the old version as compared to know one as old version has some gives you details in depth. Still Google Webmaster Tools is the number one tools to check the technical performance of the website.

What is Google Webmaster Tool ?

Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console is nothing but a Google’s spokesperson who speaks with website owner related to many issues such as

  • ·         Crawling issue
  • ·         404 issue
  • ·         No index issue
  • ·         Security issues
  • ·         Manual actions

All these issue will stop the website to work effectively and we might aware with the issues however this tool always tell the issues and help us in solving the issues.

Once you start using the webmaster tolls you won’t feel the need of any other tool to check the issues with the websites. This is an absolutely free tool in which you just have to create an account and add the website and rest assured from Google that your website runs smoothly and if there is any issue than they will guide you to solve that as well.

So in a brief we can say that a tool which helps you to evaluate and maintain your website is a Google webmaster tools or Google Search Console. With this tool you can do many things and it has many advantages as well, which we will see further. So let’s take a deep dive into the world of Google Webmaster Tool.

Functions of Google Webmaster

Understanding the Google Webmaster Tool is not very difficult let’s take a look into webmaster tab by tab with an example.

You have an eCommerce website name ABC, let’s see what all you check regarding ABC on webmaster tool.

Once you upload the webmaster code on your website and verify the same after than the games begins.

  • ·         Overview Tab

Overview tab gives the information of each and every other tabs in one page, its gives you idea about the performances, errors and spend of the website. By looking at this tab you will get the brief information about the website performance in terms of technical.

  • ·         Performance Tab

If you want to check the click through rate and impression than this tab will help you. Not only CTR this tab will give you more information as well such as total clicks and total impressions and average position on t he Google ranking.

This is a very useful tab which helps you to make the core strategy to get more impressions and clicks.

This tab also gives you information about the keywords and the impressions and clicks for the specific keyword as per country and devices.

SO you will come to know about the clicks, impressions, ranking and keywords you are ranking for your website ABS, through this can create a strategy to get more click on your website.

  • ·         URL Inspection

In this tab you have to put the link of the new or existing url in your website and then pres enter you will get the complete information related to that URL like when last Google Bots crawled on that url, if that is index able or not, if that url has canonical tags.

This tab also gives information if the url is mobile friendly or not, if it’s not a mobile friendly than it gives the reason and solution as well.

Your ecommerce website has to be mobile friendly if there is any issue this tab will tell you.

  • ·         Coverage

This is one of the most important tab in webmaster tolls as this gives you details about the errors on the website, the best part is it gives you the error on the date basis and gives the details about the errors as in what kind of error is that and most of the error you will be able to solve then and there and for errors you have to work on you website.

This tab is very important as this will gives you idea how to make you website error free so that your website runs smoothly. This tab also gives an opportunity to validate the errors and will be able to fix then and there.

  • ·         Sitemap Tab

Website is always in HTML code which is understandable for humans; HTML doesn’t go well with Google Bots. Google Bots will understand the XML code so we submit the sitemaps in XL.

Sitemap give the idea to Google Bots than these are links and which you have to crawl and index accordingly.

In this tab we have to submit the url of the sitemap and then click on submit and you sitemap will be updated in sometime.

  • ·         Removals

This is a new addition in the webmaster tools; this tab allows you to remove any URL from the website on a temporary basis. This has also allowed you to remove the outdated content and you can add safe search filter which will help you to add the filer as per your need to get search on the search engines.

If we don’t want to add robots.txt on our website than I think ulr removal will be a good idea, we won’t get the 404 errors and if we are working on that page than we can add the page later once we update the page.

  • ·         Speed (Experimental)

This tab was added by Google recently as this tab will help you to test the speed of the website on t he various devices such as desktop and mobile.

This will give you idea what speed is we getting on the various devices and if speed is less what we need to do to get the speed as per the guidelines.

  • ·         Mobile Usability

This tab is very important as this gives insight as how our website is going to perform on mobile device.

If your website is facing any issue related to mobile device than you will get the stinker then and there, it also helps you to solve the issue related to mobile visibility. The best part is, it gives you error as per the date so that if you face any issue twice then you know what needs to be done.

  • ·         FAQ

This tab comes on Google Webmaster when you add the FAQ Schema on the website.

FAQ Schema helps the Google bots to understand what kind of question we are trying to solve in the specific blog and this is an added advantage for the site owner.

  • ·         Links

This is we say one of the most important tab in Google Webmaster Tool, this gives you overall idea about the back links we are getting others websites and the internals links which we give to connect the pages within the website.

Back links plays an important role in ranking and if the complete list and accurate list of back links have than we can create the more specific banc link strategy for our website.

This tabs gives you complete idea about which page is getting how many externals links and from which website so that you can identify if that link is valid for the website or not, at the same time it gives the idea about the internals likes like which pages is getting the most internal links and from which pages links is coming from. Time to time this tab is getting updated and we can check how our back link strategy is working and if we are getting benefit from it or not

  • ·         Setting

This tab gives you information about the site owner and if you want to add and remove the admins from this tab you can perform that action.


Google Webmaster Tool helps the site owner is many ways and help them in solving the website issue which can hamper the website in many parameters.

This is a free toll still it’s the best tools for site owner and most trust worthy, if you have any website than don’t forget to add you website to this magnificent tool.

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