Ecommerce in Agriculture

January 11, 2020  



Ecommerce in Agriculture

More than half of the Indian population depends on Agriculture for their bread and butter, that's why we can say that Agriculture is a backbone of an Indian economy. The contribution of Agriculture in the Indian economy is approx 22%, which is the highest contribution. Being the most significant contributor in the Indian economy Indian farmers are not in a good state, and farming is facing ups & down due to unpredictable weather, water scarcity & less availability of the excellent quality of seeds. As per the FICCI report, there is an ample opportunity to use modern technology in agriculture to solve many problems.

When we talk about modern technology than no one can ignore Ecommerce, eCommerce is changing the way of business; however, eCommerce is still not touched every sector in India. Still, many Agri-Commerce startups are trying to innovate & trying to implement eCommerce in agriculture, the main goal of the startups is to deliver the maximum benefits of the eCommerce, which will lead to saving resources.

What is E-Agriculture

In a very layman language, we can say that the combination of agri-business & eCommerce is E-Agribusiness. E-Agriculture is a new concept in the market, every agriculture transaction will take place with the help of the internetMinistry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare, Government of India is implementing many schemes to promote the E-Agribusiness, the primary purpose of e-agribusiness is to make every transaction transparent & beneficial for the farmers & for all who are into the agriculture sector. E-Agriculture has many useful features such as 

  • trading can be done without any barrier of the volume
  • grades & standards can be maintained of the products
  • increased reach of buyers & sellers
  • trading can be done in a very organized manner

The above mentioned can be path-breaking features of E-Agribusiness.

When we are talking about E-Agribusiness than we can't ignore the scope of it

  • indian Agri products can be sold in other countries
  • for high profit processed Agri products can be sold online
  • farmers get an update related to Agri market
  • portal like MSAMB gives the details of the price of the farm goods

Benefits of E-Agriculture

If we talk about the advantages of e-agriculture than it will take a long time as many benefits will help many people in many ways. FICCI has released a report about the benefits of eCommerce in agriculture. Let's discuss some of the essential benefits of e-agriculture

Increased Reach

With the help of many portals, farmers can get in touch with many buyers & at the same time, buyers can get sellers without any geographic boundaries.

Easy Buying & Selling

when the price of any commodity is fewer buyers can buy & when the price is high sellers can sell for more profit & gain.

Global Market

Indian mangoes are very famous in many countries in the same way many other Indian Agri products are well-known in the world, with the help of many portals selling in the international market is easy.

Limitation in E-Agriculture

Every new technology comes with opportunity & with limitations as well, and we must focus on the chance so that things will get improved at the same, we must not negate limitations which will increase the opportunity. Let's take a deep dive into the boundaries of an e-agribusiness.

Language Barrier

Indian is a country of many languages & providing the same kind of a facility in different styles is a little tricky. 

Internet Connectivity

Many people still can use the internet; unavailability of the internet makes e-agribusiness less beneficial.

Lack of Talents

Agriculture is also facing the right kind of talent the same as technology, so e-agribusiness is also facing the shortage of abilities who really can make the effect towards the betterment of the Agri sector.

Electricity Issue

E-Agribusiness is not up to the mark without enough availability of the electricity; information can't send effectively.

Government Initiative

Indian Government of Agriculture is working hard to make the E-Agriculture works effectively. They have started many innovative schemes which will help the farmers & rest who all are into agriculture business. Let's take a look into such a beneficial initiative


Kisan Knowledge Management System(KKMS)

Kisan Knowledge Management System or KKMS is an initiative wherein farmers get their queries solved in their local language, and this helps in breaking the language barrier.

National Agriculture Market

National Agriculture Market or E-NAM is a trading platform which is well connected with all the APMC across India.


With the help of this portal, farmers will get the information on livestock management, weather forecast & prices of the primary crop.

AGMarket Portal

Market Portal is a very informative portal that will help farmers to know the process of various vegetables & farm products in the different markets across India.

SeedNet Indian Portal

This portal gives you information about the quality of the seeds & provides a good insight on how to select the best quality seeds.

With the help of such initiatives, the government is trying to give better market conditions to the farmers. Sooner or later, the benefits of such portals will come out & that too in favor of the farmers.


Farming depends on many external factors, such as weather, water, electricity. If all the elements work well, then the market is not giving a positive response due to which farmers are getting in debts day by day & their income is coming down. There are new technologies in the market that will beneficial for the farmers, those new technologies can change the face of the market, but only if the new technologies will be used effectively. Maybe the condition of agriculture will be improved as we can't negate the sector, which is the most significant contributor in the Indian economy & which provides the highest number of employees.

Ecommerce in agriculture is in a very initial stage how much benefit it will make on the agriculture sector is very early to predicts. Still, E-Agriculture is helping many people in the agro-industry to understand this very competitive & complex sector.

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