What is SaaS

April 22, 2020  



What is SaaS

Many industries changed the way human used to do business and the way we human used to do many things but any industries came and changed the world around as give us more comfortable way to do business and daily activity.

Then one industry came up which changed the whole system of everything and that industry is Software Industry. This industry is a kind of revolution in the business word, which impacted the business in any ways and garneted so much of the opportunity in the whole world and helps in shaping the business world in a very effective way.

After the Software came into the picture much other industry related to software also came in the existence and flourished like the software industry. So we can say that the kind of opportunity software industry provided and providing none of the industry did and will do the same.

One of the terms which is very useful to the business world is SAAS or Software as a Software, in the earlier days of computer was not affordable, only few companies and government offices had computers, when the computers was becoming more affordable than any new things popped up. Let’s see in detail,  What is SaaS?

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a software licensing model in which any once get the access to the software if they pay for the services; in this service the server is located remotely but not the in house. If you want to use this service you can easily use it with the help of any browser and internet connection irrespective of the device. Once you subscribe of the SaaS then you will get the user name and password with the help of that you will get the access to much application such as file sharing, email and human resources. The most common type of SaaS is customer relationship management or CRM.

SaaS is a very popular form of Cloud-Computing, if you are using any kind on online tools which you can use and change as per your requirement than consider that you are using SaaS, the best example is Google Docs. Google Docs use and make the changes as per our requirement. As of now 89% companies are using SaaS and in neat future this number will grow for sure as everyone want to complete the work with ease and on time.

Types of SaaS

There are various types of software which we can say is SaaS, let’s see step by step

  • ·         Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

This is a very useful SaaS type, which integrate all the functions with the organization on one platform and helps in making the more specific strategy for the business. This also helps in sharing any information with the organization in a ore organized way.

  • ·         Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

This might be the most famous for of SaaS, which is used by almost the companies to maintain the customer’s data and track the sales status and it also helps the companies to automate the sales process and makes it more easy to manage.

  • ·         Email Marketing Software

No matter if you are big or small company you need marketing activity and it is said that Email Marketing is one of the most effective way of marketing. Email Marketing helps in updating the customers about the companies further moves and to do email marketing email marketing software is the best help and the one of the best for for SaaS.

  • ·         Accounting Software

There is much software related to accounting which helps in maintaining the finance part of the company. Managing the accounting of the company might be tedious task; SaaS products related to accounting will help in managing the accounting part effectively.

Above mentioned types of software are very popular in the business world; there are many others as well such as webhosting software, human resources software. The main motto of all such software’s is to grow the business as per your plan.

Advantages of SaaS

SaaS has numbers of advantages; let’s take a look some of the major advantages.

  • ·         Easy to Access

You get the user id and password, using this you can access the SaaS software from anywhere in the world and can use this on any device. This gives the added advantages of such software which is flexible to use and you can work as per your time.

  • ·         Cost Saving

If company is using the SaaS software than they might be saving a lot of internal IT cost and any kind of extra cost, as you are using the software which has remote servers and there are people who will take care of that server. In that case you don’t have to manage the IT team and there will be no outgoing of money and there will be saving.

  • ·         Automatic Updates

If the software is out dated and need any changes and update you don’t have to buy new software and don’t have to pay anything as you must use the software but the maintenance was done by third party and they will them self do the software updates.

  • ·         Customization

SaaS allows us to make the changes in  the software as per our need and we can make any changes that to unlimited, whatever we feel is good for your business we can do that and keep on adding and removing functions as per the business need.

Disadvantages of SaaS

Whatever comes with advantages that come with disadvantages as well. Let’s see the disadvantages of SaaS

  • ·         Too much of Dependency

Too much of dependency on the vendor is the one of the disadvantages of SaaS, if there is any problem in the software we have wait until the vendor resolves  the issue and for the updates well in the software we have to depend on the vendor, we can say that our business is rely on the vendors.

  • ·         Security Issue

If we have to use  the software we were provided with used id and password and with the help of that we use the SaaS software, if those user id and password was leaked to someone else than it will be the biggest security issue.

Popular SaaS Applications

These popular SaaS applications were used by many companies

  • ·         Salesforce
  • ·         MicroSoft Office 365
  • ·         Box
  • ·         Google Apps
  • ·         Amazon Web Services
  • ·         Zendesk
  • ·         Dropbox

All above mentioned apps are used for various purposes such as s office, customer management, online workplace, advertising, documentation and for any other purpose.


SaaS is changing the working style of the companies and making the work transparent, easy and effective. Better use of SaaS will help the company to grow and make the company more sophisticated.

SaaS is not only helping the companies but it is helping the economy by giving the job opportunity, now computer is a need and without computer and the software it’s almost impossible to think about the life. 

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